Hardware Laboratory – Part 8: Driller Machine

   Let we together continue enriching our Hardware Laboratory with a Bench vise and the Driller Machine.


   A little before that, let Resume in a few words: On the Creative table, we have already inserted the Soldering station, measuring and powering devices.

   With the “Dremel” machine, described with a few words on our last “meet”, we just hinted for another thing:  

   You Need to Have a table for rough work.

   The Table’s Plate or top Panel is nice if been made by Natural hardwood.


   On the table’s right corner, you can put the Bench Vise {or Vice} –  a kind of Heavy-duty clamp.  In the area under and near the bench vise, is good to place a stainless sheet iron – see the picture below. It is a good practice to screw and tighten via powerful screws and nuts the Bench Vise through the stainless sheet iron and rough work table plot.



PIC. 1  Bench Vise – Method of fixing 




PIC. 2  Handy “Powered” Driller machines by the past. 

      This Handy tool is has done very good work in the past, until was developed the electromotor powered  – automatized drill machines. 

     At the beginning of the 20th century, particular in 1914, was filled an application form for a patent of Electrically powered, electro-motor Driven Tool.

First Driller Machine-BandD-1-Hardware-Pro

FIGURE  1.  The First Electrically Driven Tool

S.D. Black & A.G Decker, patented 6th, NOV 1917 

Patent No. 1,245,860 – Schematical Document 

   The nowadays modern drilling machines are powered via AC line or batteries and include Brush or Brushless Electromotor, Mechanical Gearbox with a stepper reduction of the rotating speed, optional electronically steples regulation of rotating speed, Chuck, Battery indicator if the device is battery powered and etc.

  • Corded – AC Line Powered Driller Tool



AC-Line_Powered_Drill / Driver


PIC. 4   The_Matrix Quick_Connect System_allows

tool-free change_of a variety_of tool_attachments

  • Cordless – Battery Powered Driller Tool


PIC. 5  BLACK & DECKER_LDX120C {20Volt MAX} Li-Ion_Cordless Drill / Driver

Makita -Battery Powered-Driller-7-Hardware-Pro

PIC.  6  Makita_FD05R1 12V Max CXT_Lithium-Ion Cordless_Driver-Drill

Makita -Battery Powered-Driller-6-Hardware-Pro

PIC.  7  Makita_FD05R1 12V Max CXT_Lithium-Ion Cordless_Driver-Drill Kit

   There are different Options, including the table stand for fixing the driller machinery on the table plane. The stand has one or many axises of free movement to ensure the coaxially reciprocating movement by the axle of drilling.


PIC. 8   Drill Press Stand Work Station

VIDEO 1.   Dremel on Stand – Work Station in action.


PIC. 9  WEN_4212_10-Inch_Variable_Speed Drill_Press

VIDEO 2.  The WEN_10-inch Variable_Speed Drill Press

   If the Stand doesn’t have the light source, Near the drilling machine, you need to insert a Lamp.

 LAMP with 3- Brightness-Levels-7W-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 10  KEDSUM_Dimmable_Clamp Light_LED_Lamp – 7 Watt Fully_Flexible Gooseneck

LAMP with 3- Brightness-Levels-7W-2-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 11  KEDSUM_7W_LED_Lamp – Dimensions

   The light source needs to emit the soft and diffused, but powerful light, because, if the point source is used, there will be a lot of glare and gleams from the metal surface. The good option is a gooseneck type flexibly connected light device, for precisely adjusting the position of the emitting light source.


   We show You an innovative Battery Powered Tool – Little-Big Angle Grinder by BOSCH  – GWS 10,8-76 V-EC

Bosch-Battery Powered-Angle -Grinder-03b-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 12   BOSCH  GWS 10,8-76 V-EC Professional can handle up to 19,500 RPM


   The Device GWS 10,8-76 V-EC uses 76 mm discs, has 900g weight and its maximal rotating speed reaches up to 19,500 RPM


   For completeness, We represent:  BOSCH  GWS 18v-Li

Bosch-Battery Powered-Angle -Grinder-05b-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 13   BOSCH  GWS 18v-li Cordless Angle Grinder 


Corning Museum of Glass…

VIDEO 3.  Guest_Artist_Demonstration: James_Mongrain

Don’t Stop to make inventions, Dear Explorers!

To be continued …




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