Hardware Laboratory – Part 7: Dremel

   Hardware Laboratory – Part 7: Dremel   

   Similarly, the famous names as Coca-Cola, Xerox, Polaroid, etc. , the high-speed Rotating and polishing Driller machine named “Dremel” has also its own VIP place.

   Many People wants to have a car, who is accelerating from 0 to 60 miles for a few seconds. The same is and the situation with a today described device: The Dremel Rotating Tool.

   For the Seconds It going to 12000 – 30000 RPM with no load.

   It is a very Useful, and the same time a dangerous Tool. The Danger comes, when you are not well-informed, and The Danger is going out when you are smart, cautious and are wearing the protective eyeglasses, gloves and etc.


PIC. 1  The Cordless Dremel-7000 in action 

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  Attention! READ Carefully and REMEMBER!

   When You use the high-speed machinery – metal or plastic cutting tools it is absolutely necessary wearing the protective clothes – including the hair protecting cap, heavy-duty gloves, and the most important: Always Use The Protective Eyeglasses. 

   In many cases is necessary a good ventilation or vacuum aspiration and a mask for a nose.


VIDEO 1.  Rotary Tool: How-to-Use Mandrels and Attachments 


PIC. 2  Cordless Dremel 7000 – General View

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VIDEO 2. Corded Dremel 3000 – Full Review: Unpack and DEMO


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PIC. 3  Kawasaki 840589 – 190 Pcs. KIT



PIC. 4  Black & Decker RTX-6 2-Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool


   Our first advice again is how to protect your health.

   In the First place, you need to have full face protection and the more important – eyes protection!

DON’T FORGET  To wear a Protective EYEGlasses and Gloves when You Use The High-Speed Rotating or Cutting Tool!


PIC.  5   Protective EyeGlasses


PIC.  6  Protective Gloves



PIC. 7  Diamond Burr Set- Ceramics Tile Glass Lapidary for Rotary Tools –  50pcs.

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PIC.  8  BABAN 5pcs HSS Saw Blades Rotary Tool Circular Saw Blade Mandrel fit Dremel

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PIC. 9  10 Pcs. Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr SET 1/8

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PIC. 10  BABAN 10X 1/8″ Diamond Saw Cut Off Discs Wheel Blades

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PIC. 11  Jumbo Pack – 51 pcs. Drum Sanding Kit 




PIC. 12  ZFE 217 Pieces Rotary Tool Accessory Set


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 Don’t Stop to Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!


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