Hardware Laboratory – Part 5: Mechanical Tools

  Hardware Laboratory – Part 5: Mechanical Tools 

  The Hardware Laboratory needs to include a variety of mechanical tools, allowing the young hobbyist or experienced professional to create their own prototypes with easy.




  In the Previous Topic, We have pointed some hints and tips – that give the young hobbyists Some lead and Pull up them in their searchings.

  The Theme: Hardware Laboratory is logical to Continue and in today’s topic.

  We have already described a variety of useful instruments  and tools like cutters, knives, antimagnetic tweezers, pliers, etc.  

  Today, we are going to continue with the variety of screwdrivers – types and sizes. 

  The screwdrivers are classified by its tip. Namely, it’s shape is the theme of our Today discussion. 




PIC. 1 The “Golden” Slot Screw isn’t been so “Golden”

  The First known screw was invented in the 15th century. It was a Slot Screw – conical helix part of metal with a diametral slot on the conical hand. The Associated ScrewDriver is also called Slot  or {Flat-Blade Screwdriver}.

  The Canadian  P. Robertson  invent and patenting the socket-head screws and successfully in 1908 starts its producing.


PIC. 2 The Socket-Head sSrews Prototype.


PIC. 3  The Socket-Head Screw. It producing has started in far 1908.


 The year is 1936.    Henry Phillips the businessman from Portland, Oregon.   In searching to satisfy the industry needs  invites and develops a new type of screw – different from the slotted one.

 The slotted screws aren’t the machine friendly because the screwdriver’s tip is skating and running out of the axis of screwing .    

 The Patent is fact at 7th of July 1936.



PIC. 4  1936 – Henry F. Phillips – First “Plus” Type for Screw & Driver – Patent 

   Today using screws have a Co-Variation from the pioneer’s common principals with small differences in the head’s socket shape. Their Related Screwdrivers have a compatible, with the same shape tips.   

   The Screwdrivers can be divided some groups by their typical application: 

  • Monolithic Screwdrivers – created as 1 part. 
  • Set with many parts – Bit Oriented ScrewDrivers – One Handle with many pieces named: “BITs”, with different shape of their tip and hexagonal shape with 7mm (external diameter) tail.    
  • Very Hard Tip “BITs” for heavy-load usage – in building.
  • Large Necks Screwdrivers.
  • Heavy-Duty Screwdrivers – Hammer Impact resistant.


 Monolithic Screwdrivers: 


PIC. 5  (+)  and  (-)  ScrewDrivers


  Bit Oriented ScrewDrivers: 


PIC. 6  Vastar 58 in 1Bit Based Kit – Handle with a Flexible Arm


FiG. 1  The Bits Variety 



PIC. 7  IPhone_Pentalobe_Head Micro/mini

Hardened_Steel_Screwdriver_Bits for

4mm_(1/8″)_Hex_Driver_TS1 0.8mm P2



PIC. 8  Screwdriver with Flexible Neck and 10 bits set



  Hardened Bits: 


PIC. 9   TIMco_2SQ25_Square_S2 Hardened_Driver_Bit


  Large Necks Screwdrivers: 


PIC. 10  8 Pcs_Magnetic_Long_Hex





PIC. 11  Torx_Screwdrivers, length_250mm, T10 – T30 BERGEN_AT413

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: BERGEN AT413  T10 – T30 Torx Screwdrivers, Length = 250mm 


  Heavy-Duty Screwdrivers – Hammer Impact Resistant: 


PIC. 12   Wiha_3097_Screwdriver Set,_Slotted, and Phillips –

Extra_Heavy_Duty with Steel_Striking_Caps


  For completeness let see Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool KIT:  


PIC. 13  Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit with Case


AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link:  Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit

 Don’t Stop to Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!

To Be Continued!



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