Hardware Laboratory – Part 4: Mechanical Tools

   Hardware Laboratory – Part 4: Mechanical Tools –  Scalpels, Cutters, Pliers, Probes, Saw Frame and Blades, Triceps Pick-Up Tool, Inspection Mirror, Tweezers Twin Cal Caliper and Quick Guide to Measurement.  

  The Hardware Laboratory needs to include a variety of mechanical tools, allowing the young hobbyist or experienced professional to create their own prototypes with easy.




  Today’s topic is pointed to give the young hobbyists some hints and tips in their searchings.

  The variety of useful instruments is important, you always need to have near at hand tools like cutters, knives, antimagnetic tweezers, pliers, screwdrivers – many kinds and sizes.

  As you wonder, various medical instruments are very suitable for use in producing the different prototypes. You can use many types of Scalpels, Tweezers, Cutters, Dental Probes, etc.

  Let see some types of tools whose will help you to create your models.


   The Scalpels : 


PIC. 1 The Scalpels: Different Types and sizes

   Pay Attention when Using such kind of tool.  

   The Scalpels have scary and sharp blades.

   Very useful to cut PCB trace, when it is necessary, or for cleaning the PTFE insulated wire.


   The Cutters : 


PIC. 2 



PIC. 3  KNIPEX 78 03 125 Electronics Super Knips Comfort Grip


PIC. 4  Cutters in Action – The Right Cutters positioning 


   There are many variants of cutters depends on their usage and features:

Pliers-Tool-19-Hardware-ProPIC. 5  High-Performance Tip Cutter is Ideal For Precise Work in a close space

  If you need an additional information about different type of cutters and their typical usage, you can read right:  Click here 


 The Pliers: 



PIC. 6  Knipex 2502160 6-1/4-Inch_Chain_Nose_Pliers_with_Cutter. Comfort Grip


PIC. 7  Sparkle Chain Nose Pliers

   There are some pliers families:



PIC. 8  Pliers Sorted alphabetically By Family


The Probes: 

Dental Explorer Probe “No. 6” 

  As we mentioned in the text above, the medical instruments, especially dental ones are very useful in the hardware specialists and hobbyist’s daily modeling activities.

  This “Dental Probe” Probe No. 6 has one sharp pointed end and can be used successfully to clean some PCB holes by extra solder, when is necessary and cut the short connection between the two or more IC-leads in the process of soldering.


Dental Probe-Tool-12-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 9  Dental Probe – Full-Size ViewDental Probe-Tool-13-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 10  Magnified View of Sharp Pointed End 


   Saw Frame and Blades: 

  This interesting tool allows you to create the line of art curved cutting and large holes into thin Metal – for example: to insert a panel meter on the front panel of your device.

   Also, can be used to cut into Hard Wood, Glass Fiber&Copper-PCB or Plastics.


Dental Probe-Tool-14-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 11  Saw Frame in Action

Dental Probe-Tool-15-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 12  Saw Frame – General View


  Triceps Pick-Up Tool: 

  Chrome covered Triceps Pick-Up tool for handy picking up small parts. Supported size is up to approx. 3/8 inches or 9.5 mm in diameter.

  Total length is 4.5 inches or 114 mm.


PIC. 13   Triceps Pick-Upping Tool



PIC. 14 Triceps Pick-Up Tool in Action: Holding a screw


 Inspection Mirror:



PIC. 15   Inspection Mirror 

   This Telescopically Inspection Mirror has a flexible “Knee” for precisely angle adjusting, which enables quick and accurate inspection in hidden areas.

   Mirror material: Clear Glass

   Mirror diameter: 1.26 inches or 32mm 

   For using in Close and narrow space usage, you can use the dental magnifying mirror. 


PIC. 16  Dental Magnifying Mirror


  The Tweezers: 


PIC. 17  Standard – INOX: non-rusting tweezers.



PIC. 18  Ceramic Tweezers: Heat resistant up to 1600oC,
Replaceable and Non-Conductive Black Tip Ceramic.



    Measuring Tools: 


PIC. 19  Brown & Sharpe 00590092 Twin Cal Caliper 



PIC. 20  Digital Measuring Tool with 10-micron resolution 

Quick Guide To Measurement 

Don’t Stop to Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!



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