Hardware Laboratory – Part 2: Power Supply

  Hardware Laboratory – Part 2: Power Supply 

  Many young hobbyists collect and equipping their own Hardware laboratories with all possible kind of technical tools and gadgets. 




  This is not a single time activity and will cost some time. If you have a plan, the time loosed by searching will be minimized and the money will be precisely fitted into each budget.

  Let continue collecting our-yours virtual Hardware laboratory – to become a reality.

  In the previous Part was pointed some ideas for Basic equipment [stage 1 – 3], and now, we will continue collecting.

  1.  Soldering Iron, reheating and reflowing station and Preheating station.
  2.  The Vacuum-Pump, Desoldering Wick, 2.5mm for resoldering activity. 
  3.  Some options for carrying clean the soldering tip.


4.  Adjustable Power Supply Source.

You have two main options:

I: To buy an expensive Programmable Power Supply, 

II: To get the cheap, fully-functional, Adjustable Power Supply Board – DP50V5A. 

    First Option is o.k. without any problems – You buy the device and what – that is. 

  But, the second option will unlock your imagination. You need to search the suitable enclosure and DC-Fixed power source – 50 Volt/with few amps and will create your own styling power supply – by your hands.

  These are the differences …

   You probably have seen the Video 1. 

 VIDEO 1.  Mini Adjustable DC- PS/Meter – First look DP50V5A

 Attention! The DP50V5A gadget has a DC input – 6 to 55V,

NOT AC line 110 or 220 V!

AVEN 17010 PCBHOLDER -2- Hardware-Pro

   PIC. 2  Attention! The DP50V5A gadget has a DC input – 6 to 55V,

NOT AC line 110 or 220 V!


  For these, whose wish to buy completed PS device – 

   see Benchtop’s  full gamma products: Benchtop Power Supplies    

 AVEN 17010 PCBHOLDER -3- Hardware-Pro

 VIDEO 2.  SPD3303S High – Precision [1mV , 1 mA]  Linear DC Power Supply 

 VIDEO 3.  How to Use the timer function on a Siglent SPD3303S


   Almost everybody can Buy completed Product or hardware device, but the pleasure and feeling to create by your two hands some hardware “creature”, is unique.

  Now is time to collect a measuring equipment.

  Let start with the well known ” Multimeter “. It must be capable of measuring:  Resistance, Voltage, Current, Capacitance, etc.

  More expensive “multimeters” can measure a Duty-cycle [%1-100], Frequency, Inductance, and luminance.    

  The internet gives a million suggestions for buying the right multimeter. Not to be wasteful in time, you can see our right – ten multimeters list.



Top 10 Best Multimeters of 2016: Part 1

Top 10 Best Multimeters of 2016: Part 1

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Top 10 Best Multimeters of 2016: Part 2

To Be Continued!



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