PIX 240i: Production Camera’s Field Monitor By Video Devices

  IPS LCD – Remarkable details, Ultimate Color Accuracy, and Brightness Level.  

  In the quick growing Filmmaking industry, monitor hardware manufacturers trying to serve high & higher resolution of the used IPS matrix, with true and accurate representing their “vivid” colors. The IPS Principal allows wider angles in off-axis view, with easily visible and visualizing a sharp image on a direct sunlight.

  The PIX 240i – 5″ Field Monitor excels in all those aspects with IPS Matrix LCD Display.

   Let see the Video Devices:  PIX 240i  Field monitor.


IPS Field Monitor, specially designed for Production Cameras:

 With its 5-inch diagonal, 800 x 480 pixels resolution and, IPS matrix display – the PIX 240i is simply the right field monitor for production cameras.

  • 2-Levels of Zebra Effect,
  • 12-Steps of False Color Mode,
  • 1:1 Pixels Viewing,
  • Peaking.


PIC. 1   3D Model – uncovering the device


  The IPS displays represent accurately the whole sRGB color range and provide ultimate off-axis visibility with extremely wide angles.

 On screen data list: 

  • File Type information,
  • Frame Rate Details,
  • Metering Detailed information,  
  • Time-code [can be sent to the SDI output and HDMI output],
  • Record progress and status information [can be sent to the SDI output and HDMI output].




PIC. 2   SONY Compatible L-Mount Batteries – 2 Mount Places and Whisper Quiet FAN

 Device Powering: 

   The PIX 240i is powered by one or two Sony-compatible (L-mount) lithium-ion batteries or just by external Power supply source with Input Voltage Range DC [ 10 V ÷18 V ].

   Good in that system using two battery mounts is they are connected parallelly. This allows hot swapping one-by-one the batteries, during the real operation, without any interruptions and power losses. 

   On PIC. 2  are shown the batteries mounts and, one is used.


PIC. 3

 Optimal Audio Performance: 

   The Experts from Sound Devices provide on no-compromise way the best audio performance into their PIX 240i device

   This small “sound expert” have full-sized XLR audio inputs. They accept both microphone or line level signals. Microphone-level inputs offer 48 V phantom power, input limiters, and sweepable high-pass filters. Inputs can also be set to accept AES3 digital audio, up to four channels.   

   There also have an input limiter circuits, and high-pass filters.

   Inputs covering and functionality of  up to 4 AES3 digital audio channels. The Experts from Sound Devices integrate and very usable feature: The selectable audio delay. It means the device can be adjusted to provide precise and accurate synchronization between the audio and video streaming signals.





PIC. 4  The Rotary Knob View

 PIX 240i – Controls: 

   On right side panel is placed the rotary knob ( see PIC. 4 ). It is a comfortable and flexible way to control the navigation menu and settings.

   On the bottom side of the front panel are inserted 4+1 backlighted tactile action buttons: 

  • [Record], 
  • [Stop],
  • [Play],
  • [Re-wind],
  • Fast-Forward controls.

   ( see PIC. 5 )


PIC. 5   4+1 Backlighted Tactile Action Buttons


   Buttons are large and allowing easy access protected, by example, with gloves hands.

   The level of the backlight is user configurable.



PIC. 6   Side of the Rotary Knob View

 Scaler & Frame Rate Converting via Hardware Mechanism: 


PIC. 7  Hardware scaler and frame rate converter are integrated functions into the PIX 240i.



   Described Device has integrated a powerful hardware mechanism to scaler and frame rate converting.

   The PIX 240i  is allowing Up, Down and Cross conversion, on a very Flexible way, to record files in user-customized rates. This is very useful when the camera is not supporting some capturing rate.    

   The PIX 240i  allows hardware aspect ratio conversion, HD to SD, and backward.



Built-In Timecode Generator:

  The device has integrated a high-quality timecode generator. It supports all commonly used frame rates and modes.  Also, supports the Embedded timecode over HDMI and SDI interfaces. 


Quick Time Format Videos Supporting:

  Described device  PIX 240i  can record in Quicktime file format both and  Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD format.

  The Device also supports recording in Apple ProRes 4444 codec format.




VIDEO 1.   PIX 240i – Overview.


VIDEO 2.  PIX 240i and Canon C500 – Interconnection and Settings 


PIX 240i – Full Technical Data Specifications:







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