DSO138: 2-Channel DSO with Color Display

  DSO138: 2-Channel DSO with Color Display 

  The professionals use measuring equipment on high-grade division. Sometimes they really use incredibly expensive measuring tools. Have you ever measure with the high- end Tektronix or  Teledyne LeCroy with their LabMaster 10 Zi – the system price is – $215,885. Is it too expensive – all right. The next question is?

   The next question is? Have you ever use the Middle range (about 2000 – 4000 USD ) professional oscilloscopes. If the answer again is not, we will continue. Have you ever use the equipment in Range below 200 US Dollars.

   Have you ever measured on something like that device? 

   Have you ever use the cheap oscilloscope equipment in Range below 200 US Dollars. Something like DSO203 – pocket size 4-channel scope. Let make the next one step and again to ask you =: What will you say if the next question is:  Would you like to try the devices – the Dual Channel DSO, below 24 US Dollars? We suppose that you never imagine, that similar object exists. Not only that, the design is some kind different – every handmade design has the montages differences one with other.

   As we mentioned above in the text – Today’s topic is uncovering probably the cheapest DSO on the market. The good news is that you can simply check your soldering skills. Because the recently announced and today Described Device will get its first single breath of air … by your hands.

   We are introducing probably the cheapest Digital Storage Oscilloscope with color LCD display in the world.

   It is DIY and will be done completely and exceptionally handmade by Yourself. It is a learning KIT DSO138.


   The Symphony by sounds looks on that way:

   Everything begins from the blank PCB – see PIC. 2 . The only one soldered component is a high-integrated IC with a closer pin to pin pitch. The manufacturer of this very exited KIT is thinking to users – The montage to be easier.


PIC. 2  Only one component is soldered by the KIT manufacturer



PIC. 3   And Now, the soldering ” Odyssey ” is beginning


PIC. 4  2.4 inch TFT Display



PIC. 5  Carrying PCB for 2.4 inch TFT Display


PIC. 6  Analog  Probe to BNC Input Connector 



DSO138 Main Features:

  • Main MCU   – ARM-Cortex-M3 – STM32F103C8,
  • 1 MHz Real-Time Samling ,
  • 2.4-inch color TFT display screen, 
  • Automatic Mode,
  • Regular Mode,
  • One-shot mode,
  • Lens Effect : Observe the previously triggered waveform,
  • One button captures the screen information – equal to current waveform storage,
  • Can be Used as Voltmeter, Data logger, etc.
  • Adjustable vertical displacement, and with instructions.
  • HOLD function – the horizontal sweeping stop and the screen freezing
  • Two variants by Edge Triggering: By Rising Edge or By Falling Edge.
  • For the external probe analog calibration activity – the DSO138 has a source with 1HZ Frequency and 3.3 V amplitude.
  • The Waveform’s parameters can be visualized on the right side of the screen. Parameters are: Frequency, Pulse width, Period, Duty-Cycle-Ratio, Min, Max, Average – Quadratic Mean or (Route Mean Squire – RMS), Peak-to-Peak


   PIC 7 is a gift for the patient Hobbist and professional !  

   The Ready Soldered Whole Measuring Device DSA138 – Dual Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope.



PIC 7.  The Ready And Working Device





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