Bluetooth A2DP – Part 2: Retro Mania

 Bluetooth A2DP – Part 2: Retro Mania –TEAC SL-D930

 Today’s topic is inspired and associated with one major word: RETRO.


   Imagine that scenario: A lot of chrome, mirror-like details, bring the flavor of the 50’s of last century.

   A lot of chrome, mirror-like details, the middle of the 20th century. If you look at the classic American cars from that period, then you will realize, that many manufacturers have been inspirited by shining polished metal, when creating their hardware devices. The developed items have chrome grills, smoothed and curved lines, the white color was almost everywhere, with white or red colored leather, each part is shining and brings, by some its way a kind of warmth.

   Let see what are created The TEAC company to bring us that warmth.

   We Represent You that white bird:


TEAC SL-D930 – Premium, 2.1 – channel,  Bluetooth Speaker System

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  As you can guess looking at the picture below, the top cover leaks the CD option is existing.

  There are and other surprising features:

  • A Radio functionality – using very special Synthesized Tuner with Phase Locked Loop feature
  • Sound system is 2.1 with frequency response in range: 20-20000Hz,
  • Well-known Bluetooth Logo clever remind to BT A2DP connectivity.
  • The color pair variants are four:  White & Chrome, Silver math and Chrome, Red & Chrome, Black & Chrome,





PIC. 1  Retro Mania: TEAC SL-D930  Bluetooth CD/Radio MP3 Speaker System



PIC. 2  TEAC SL-D930 & Remote Controls – Color variety



 AM/FM Stereo Tuner with PLL Synthesizer

TEAC SL-D930 has 20 AM stations memory and 20 FM stations memory,  auto-tuning mode, manual tuning mode.

   PLL means the receiving radio signal is locked and stable by Phase via an electronic circuitry Named PLL (Phase Locked Loop).

   That allows the variable generator (VCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator) to be some kind – fixed.

   MCU controller is adjusting PLL circuitry and the receiver part at User wished frequency, and the radio device precisely Phase locking, in small step increments –  25 .. 100 kHz .

Remark: For the U.K. and the EUROPEAN SL-D930 models, are added listed RDS modes:  PS , PTY,  RT , CT .



PIC. 3 Remote control Simple but enough with a chrome finish around the bottom buttons.



PIC. 4 3D-Model – Behind the Grills View

2.1 Channels Premium Speakers System

  • Bass-reflex type,
  • Bottom mounted Boom Sub-woofer

   TEAC has made a unique design in that small case. They Use their own 2.1 speaker disposal. Front speakers ( each one has its own an individual volume chamber [ PIC. 5 ], to avoid the acoustic shortener) with a diameter – 2.5″ [ 65mm ] are not in a plane situated, they have a significant degree of tilt between their own planes at about 130-degree. Sub-buffer speaker with a diameter – 3.2″ [ 80mm ] is at the bottom mounted. This compact CD / Radio 2.1 system sounds on the best possible way in the compact class and it is one kind, high-fidelity Member. 



PIC. 5  The Front Speakers with their  individual volume chambers 

See the bass-reflex pipe behind the right front speaker’s Chamber


TEAC SL-D930 – Bluetooth A2DP 

   You can Pair a smartphone, tablet or other media playing device, which supports A2DP BT profile.

   Also, you can memorize up to 8 different devices by pairing method. Once paired, the connection is made via  pressing the button.

TEAC SL-D930 – CD Player: 

supports MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio – 4 codecs) on  CD-R, RW and matrix Audio CD
   The user can create its own program with up to 32 tracks. 3 standard modes are available – Intro, Shuffle and Repeat mode.

TEAC SL-D930 – Key Features:

  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth using A2DP profile,
  • Hi-fi 2.1-Channels Speaker System,
  • Built-in  “.1”  Subwoofer with Class-D amplifier 10W,
  • Subwoofer with User-adjustable Level Control, 
  • Individual Speaker Chambers,
  • Digital Clock with 2-levels Dimming circuitry, 
  • High-performance Class-D Amplifier for Front speakers 5W+5W,
  • CD Player with Top-loading,
  • PLL Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Tuner 20 AM+20 FM Memory,
  • On & Off Timer with Snooze,
  • Front Headphone Jack,
  • AUX Input.





AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: TEAC SL-D930 – Premium, 2.1 – channel Vintage Bluetooth Audio System

TEAC SL-D930  Technical Data Specifications:



See the Package:

  • TEAC SL-D930 – 1 pcs.
  • Remote Control (RC-1311) – 1 pcs.
  • AAA Batteries for Remote Control – 2 pcs.
  • Battery for Backup CR2032 – 1 pcs.
  • Stereo Mini Plug Cable – 1 pcs.
  • Owner’s Manual – 1 pcs. 
  • TEAC 1 Year Limited Warranty


AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: TEAC SL-D930 – Premium, 2.1 – channel Vintage Bluetooth Audio System


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