PIX-E5: IPS On-Camera Monitor by Video Devices

IPS LCD – best detail, color accuracy, and brightness level. 

   In the quick growing Filmmaking industry,  monitor hardware manufacturers trying to cover the need of high & higher resolution of the IPS matrix, predictive and true representing in as accurate as a possible way their “vivid” colors, easily visible and visualizing a sharp image on a direct sunlight, with a wide angle of view. The PIX-E Series monitors excel in all those aspects with their IPS, 500 nits

   Let see the Video Devices PIX -E series, specially PIX-E5 monitor.


   The PIX-E5 monitor has an IPS LCD matrix display with high luminance: 500 cd per m2  or 500nit.

   The Monitor’s native resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

    With 5″ diagonal it is a retina display with the resolution of 441 PPI or Pixels Per Inch.



PIC. 1  5-inch Diagonal, Smart Looking, Bright IPS, Full-HD (1920 x 1080) Touch Screen On-Camera Display 


  • Full HD – 1920 x 1080 pixels,
  • Retina display resolution* – 441 PPI.

[*Retina Display: Pixels are not visible to the naked eye.]

  • Super-Bright IPS Touch Screen
  • Option for Quick Focus: TapZoom™
  • PIX-Assist™
  • 4K Recording
  • ProRes Supporting up to Apple ProRes 4444 XQ, 12-Bit
  • Support H.264: YES
  • 13 buttons with true Tactile Feeling for fast controlling the monitor options
  • Metal Chassis
  • Gorilla® Glass 2 protecting layer for IP Screen, looking indestructible.
  • HDMI <-> SDI  Conversion
  • Features 4K to HD stream downscaling


  The PIX-E5 can be powered by external DC power Source in range 10V  – 34V  .or dual L-mount Sony batteries

  Another variant for powering is via two L-mount – Sony Type batteries.



PIC. 2  PIX-E5  3D-Model Inside View


   This innovation allows the operator to have control on many Monitoring Scopes and Tools

   At the four corners of the display, as you can see the picture bellow ( see PIC. 3 ), the user can configure,on-demand to call, and view many scopes.



PIC. 3  Four Way View

LIST of scopes: 

  • Waveform Monitor
  • Four Way View
  • TapZoom,
  • VectorScope, Histogram,
  • Zebras, Peaking, False Color
  • Frame Markers
  • LUTs


Four Way View:

   The four-way option allows to quickly check exposure and color temperature.

TapZoom™ :

   This nice feature allows the user very quick to access and check the focus, and to Zoom x2 or x4.

   When you tap or touch the sensitive Touch Screen, the TapZoom Option provides  x2 or x4 Zooming. The Second touch is toggling the action and make a zoom out.

   You want to check the focus in action time on for example a moving subject. No problem ! You need to be in the zoom in – mode. Then just tap in front of the moving subject, as a prediction, in the direction of movement and you will see the next centered image again in zoom in.

   If you want to zoom out, just tap the center of the screen.


PIC. 4 Back Side View: Can see the removable “SpeedDrive” Media

Its Custom Enclosure is the Video Devices Innovation 

Outstanding Recording Capabilities

   The 5″ PIX-E5 has a 4K record supporting. It can use & record in many Apple ProRes CoDecs variants, upward to The Best-Quality Apple-ProRes 4444 XQ CoDec.

   As you know, 4444 XQ is a 12-bit codec, representing the video data details within extremely wide-dynamic-range.


 The PIX-E5 Records in:

  • 4K with up to 30 frames per second,
  • UHD with up to 30 frames per second,
  • Full-HD1080p with up to 120 frames per second, 
  • HD720p with up to 120 frames per second.

   Described device PIX-E5 supports a well-known H.264 CoDec.

   As You know that codec is well balanced and allowing to produce small size files. These files can be stored until record process directly into the SpeedDrive ( see PIC. 4 ) in the case of H.264 is tuned as the Primary CoDec. 



PIC. 5  Bottom Side View – SSD , Battery, and mounting manner


PIC. 6  Side View – Connectors 

See in the Package:

  • PIX-E5 – 1 pcs.
  • PIX-E Power Supply Source
  • USB boot cable – 1 pcs.
  • PIX-E5 Quick Start Guide – 1 pcs.
  • Full-line Catalog as Video – 1 pcs.
  • Product registration card – 1 pcs.

   The device has a one-year standard warranty.

   After the registration process succeeded, you will get the additional one-year warranty.


ADORAMA Price: $1,395.00


Full Technical Data Specifications:



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