Digitizer: Automatic 3D Scanner By MakerBot

MakerBot® Digitizer™ : The Ultimate Automatic 3D Scanner


MakerBot Digitizer-1-Hardware-Pro


    With its very simple look, but highly-integrated and reliable design, the MakerBot Digitizer can scan in 12 minutes with ultimate resolution and 800 steps per one 360-degree rotation, many kinds of small and texture in rich details and any kind of complex shaped items.

   The work seems so simple, but MakerBot’s engineers have solved a long list of difficulties till the moment you work with ease on this professional tool.

Резултат с изображение за 3d printer history   The Inventors of the 3D printing technology bring to us possibility to create things using complicated mathematical models and huge vector arrays.

   At the Question: What Will You bring to Human beans?

   The answer is right on your desk.

   Just put on the scanner some lovely item, scan It , send the ready 3D-object file to the right person and… after half an hour of work on him or on her desk will be “Materialized” or “as teleported” (just like in the 20-sentury’s Sci-Fi movie) your lovely gift – With Applauses. You will be new Creators and the digital artists, you can create the animation, 3d-movies, and games – just unlock your imagination.

   This is not a movie scenario. That is a reality and is completely possible with a quick growing 3D technology. After that lyrical deviation, let back and continue describing this valuable member of the 3d-community with this probably interesting for You topic of discussion. 


MakerBot Digitizer-1-Hardware-Pro


Technology Overview:

   About the principal or how the device is working?

   The MakerBot Specialists used the technology named:

Scanning Technology based on the Laser Line Triangulation.


MakerBot Digitizer-scan in action-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 1  The Scanning Procedure In Progress

MakerBot Digitizer-scan in action- vectors-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 2 You can see the scanning process.

Point by point, the DIGITIZER system collects 3d-coordinates and construct the object “BODY”


   The laser ray is restructured via special glass prism and mirror to get the triangle shape. This Triangle laser beam imaginary cuts on the slices (800 per rotation) scanned object pointing to the Digitizer’s  table axis of rotation.  

   The camera captures the lighted in a red surface of the scanned object right on the place of the crossing with the imaginary triangular “Laser cutting blade” position (see PIC. 1 & 2 ).

   The scanner has a simple calibrating procedure in three steps (see PIC. 3 to 5), to ensure the device parameters. That procedure You can see on VIDEO 2. 

MakerBot Digitizer-cala-Hardware-Pro

PIC.  Calibrating procedure “Stage-A”

MakerBot Digitizer-calb-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 4  Calibrating procedure “Stage-B” 

MakerBot Digitizer-calc-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 5  Calibrating procedure “Stage-C”

MakerBot Digitizer-3-Hardware-Pro

  You can see (on VIDEO 1.) the digitizer’s look and size on the desk of the person, who introducing us the device.

VIDEO 1. You can see the scanning process in action.


VIDEO 1. You can see the scanning process in action. MakerBot® Digitizer™ – Introducing Video


VIDEO 2. Getting Started – MakerBot® Digitizer™


MakerBot Digitizer-6-Hardware-Pro


With the MakerBot® Digitizer™ Desktop 3D Scanner you can:

 MakerBot Digitizer-4-Hardware-Pro  In approximately 12 minutes – needed for a few rotations of your scanned item, you get a 3-dimensional object which represents hundreds of thousands of inter-connected 3-Axis coordinately defined points. MakerBot Digitizer-5-Hardware-Pro

   With a free MakerBot’s Digitizer Software You can scan, overlap and finally connect into the single object the different pieces of the scanned item. You can scan its bottom and top, also any hidden for simple orthogonal rotation details.


Let see the Package:

  • MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner- 1 pcs.
  • Makerware for Digitizer Software- 1 pcs.
  • Calibration Tool- 1 pcs.
  • Rubber Feet- 4 pcs.
  • Power Cable- 1 pcs.
  • Power Supply- 1 pcs.
  • USB-A to USB-B Cable- 1 pcs.
  • T15 TORX Driver- 1 pcs.
  • MakerBot Warranty


MakerBot® Digitizer™ Full Technical Specifications:



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