MPT-7210A: Low-Cost 600W MPPT with info LCD

   MPT-7210A: Low-Cost 600W MPPT with info LCD

   In Searching the Аcessible MPPT – Maximum Power-Point Tracking SOLAR Charge Controller…

  MPT , DROK, MPT7210A, MPT-7210A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 

   Nowadays, an MPPT – Using the Solar Energy Charging Control System is a traditional product.




   MPPT is an abbreviature of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). This controller uses that technique to improve the functionality of the solar system design.

For more info about the MPPT principal use this [internal-link]:  What is an MPPT?




PIC. 1  MPT-7210A: MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPT-7210A Solar Charger & MPPT Controller:

MPT-7210A – Overview 

   Nowadays an MPPT solar charge controller is a traditional product.

   With a few words, MPPT Controller continuously scans and finds the highest possible PowerPoint – Max Current and Voltage to charge the system Battery. 

   The MPPT Controlling CPU uses the progressive algorithm, who allows quickly to track a Maximum Power Point of the PV PhotoVoltaic panel and, eventually, to get more solar energy for the charging process.


MPT-7210A – Features:

   MPT-7210A is suitable for 24V to 72V Recharging Battery Solar Sytems. The system voltage can be adjusted by the user according to design needs via controlling buttons.

   The management CPU circuit uses a sophisticated and self-study software charging algorithm.

   With its high-speed circuitry, the device is completely suitable for solar charging systems usage.  MPT-7210A has a great performance and a high efficiency.

   The Device has a rugged casing in a compact size. The aluminum alloy case has good temperature characteristics and power dissipating possibilities.

   An Integrated cooling fan can extract quickly and control precisely the heat from switching components, inductors, and another internal circuitry.



MPT-7210A Solar Charger & MPPT Controller:

Additional features:

  • Intuitive user interface via simple LCD display for visualizing the main MPPT parameters: Charging current, Voltage, Power, Charge time. 
  • Reverse protection circuitry.
  • Built-in 20 multi-purpose data groups: Set, Store, etc.
  • Different Working Modes: DC/DC – Boost; MPPT and DC/DC selectable; MPPT for main PV application usage.
  • Charging Options: Lead-acid- Accumulators; LiFePo4 packs; Li-Ion packs; Li-Poly packs. 
  • 100W-600W is the optimal solar PV panel.
  • Maximal Output Power: 600W 
  • The controller has the automatically cut-off overload protection.




Typical applications:

  • Solar Street Lighting,
  • Hobby, Home & Garden PV power system,
  • other Power Bank Pack Charging systems.


Technical Data:
Color of the Body:

  • Green

Body Material :

  • Aluminum or aluminum alloy

Display Type/Technology:

  • TFT LCD Display

Display Color:

  • Yes

Display Resolution:

  • 160 x 128 pixels

System Input Voltage Range[V]:

  • DC 12-60V

System Output Voltage Range[V]:

  • DC 15-90V, Adjustable

Output Current Range [A]:

  • 0-10A Adjustable

Output Power Range [P]:

  • 20-600W

Cooling type:

  • Passive with Heatsink
  • Active with Fan

Working Modes:

  • MPPT,
  • DC-DC.

Item Size:

  • 131 x 96 x 55 mm
  • 5.2 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight:

  • 384 g / 13.56 oz

Package Size:

  • 145 x 85 x 105 mm
  • 5.7 x 3.3 x 4.1 inches

Package Weight:

  • 480 g / 17 oz

See in the package:

  • MPPT Solar Charging Controller – 1 pcs.
  • User Manual (English) – 1 pcs.


MPT-7210A Solar Charger & MPPT Controller:



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