Extravagant “Clothes” for a Single Board PC

   The children’s dolls have many clothes. We also want new modern “clothes” for our single board PC. In the text below we use for shorter its abbreviature: SBPC.

   On the world market, there are extremely huge or an even enormous variety of manufacturers, whose target point is a single board PC – especially Raspberry Pi SBPCs.




    Let’s see the PCB of Raspberry Pi Zero and say some words about this SBPC hardware:

As you can see on the first picture: 

   Raspberry Pi Zero have 40 pin extension slot ready with a Serial Interface and a general-purpose I/O Pins

   SD card socket, HDMI output connector, two USB connectors and an external Camera Connector (flat flexible PCB type insert). 

   Each one of these connectors, need to be available after inserting the case. Best, simple and cost-effective way is using protecting panels.

   There are some strong and suitable materials, but from a nature-friendly aspect, the wood is good, better, the best for that usage.

   The today technological “BOOM” bring to manufacturers many variants of cutting. Using CNC wood router or even Laser technology  

   C4Labs creates comes with some very extravagant (in our eyes) cases, and we would like to share you our impressions.

   Let’s look next photos, talking about that.

   We see a “Zebra Zero” wooden panel’s type case-KIT for a popular Raspberry Pi Zero SBPC.

AMAZON Raspberry PI Zero – Check Price $16.75 ~ $44.93 



PIC. 1 We see Two nice looking wooden panels,

a Heat-Sink, 4 decorative head screw pairs and two plastic details. 



PIC. 2 Side-View with Two USB ports and an HDMI port.

The Top panel has a square cutout for a PI’s MCU heat sink.  


PIC. 3 Side-View with 40 pins GPI/O port. The Decorative Screws are looking solid.



PIC. 4 TOP-View with 40 pins GPI/O port. 

The Wood texture and the hand’s like style manner of writing the panel exudes a soft warmth.


PIC. 5  Side-View with MicroSD card slot  


PIC. 6  “6.95 USD” to Quarter Dollar Coin Size Comparisment


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VIDEO  1.   New Product Line – 2016



VIDEO 2. CNC router cutting wooden dragon: Machine in action.

VIDEO 3. 45 6090 CNC Router in action.


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