LED, Strips and Controllers: Part-2

   In the previous part, we have described the little part of LED devices. 

   Now, we will continue again with them. 

   We can Divide the LEDs a few groups:

   By their color, shape, size and by their manner of montage.

   The LEDs can be with a rectangular shape, with a circular or oval shape, with different sizes and diameters. By manner of montage, they divided on trough hole (with leads – pass through the PCB [Printed Circuit Board] ) and SMT ( leadless- Surface Montage Technology) LED devices.


Single Color-10mm-Trough-Hole-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 1  Large – 10-mm in diameter trough hole diffused

Green LED, 0.1″ – leads pitch 

Single Color-Mini-1.8mm-Trough-Hole-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 2   Mini LEDs RED – for general purpose – battery indicator

1.8mm, 0.1″ – leads pitch 



PIC.   SMT Rectangular LEDs

   When combining many P-N junctions in serial or in parallel , we can create POWER LED. see on a picture below, how looks the 20W Power LED:

POWER -20W Square-Multi PN-junction Epistar-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 3   Power LED – 20 Watts



PIC. 4    Dual color, Crystal, 5mm LED (RED+ GREEN)



PIC. 5  Full-color, Crystal, RGB 5mm LED (RED+GREEN+BLUE)


   When combining two or three P-N junctions with “the different GaAs saturation of the semiconductor” we get the dual or full color (RGB) LED. 

   On the picture below you can see the one popular LED member of the ” RGB division “, wide applied into the LED strip applications: RGB-5050.  




PIC. 6   Typical Member of RGB division – RGB-5050



VIDEO  1. You can see the different LED kinds 


   Now, we extend our point of view, and will talk about the LED typical applications. Namely, the LED strips.

   In common case, the LED Strips or LED Tapes are thin and flexible PCBs ( 0.2 mm – Printed Circuit Boards )

   Used LED devices are leadless  -or SMT using devices.

   These PCBs can incorporate a single color or a multiple color SMD-LEDs.

   The LED tapes or LED strips are characterizing by:

1.) LEDs – single Color:

  • Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,White, etc.

2.) Count of LEDs [LEDs per meter]:

  • 30, 60, 120 pcs. per meter. 

3.) Size (or type – Single Color, RGB colors) of used LEDs:

  • SMD2835 – size: 2.8 mm x 3.5 mm;
  • SMD3030 – size: 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm;
  • SMD3528 – size: 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm;
  • SMD4014 – size: 4.0 mm x 1.4 mm;
  • SMD5050 – size: 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm;
  • SMD5730 – size: 5.7 mm x 3.0 mm.



PIC. 7   SMT Rectangular LEDs – Different Sizes



4.) Powering DC Voltage or Powering AC Voltage.

   AC Powering :    

  • AC 110V
  • AC 220V

   DC Powering :  

  • DC5 – DC12V programmable R-G-B cluster
  • DC 12V – (“DC 12V are more popular LED Strips” Note By The Author) 
  • DC 24V.

5.) Maximal Power Consumption – the power dissipated on 1-Meter sized tape or strip.

   There are many variants: 4 Watts, 4.8 Watts , 12.2 Watts , 14.4 Watts , etc. 

6. ) Efficiency – Lumens per Diode

   Example : 5 – 15 lm/ per LED

   As we mentioned in the text above, the Tape or Strip is thin and flexible PCB.

   Let insert the described SMD LEDS on the desk, and see the PCBoard.

   On the picture below, when we look the details, we can see the manufacturer show us a line, with the scissors.

   Let We explain: That means the user could cut with the scissors trough this imaginary line, and will get the fully functional piece (Module) of the tape, again working on the same as the label signed working voltage.

   Generally, the LED’s module pieces are with 5 cm granularity.




PIC. 9  Typical Single color LED Strips Module – ZOOMED

You can recognize also:

 the current limiting resistors: 151 means 150 Ohms – black rectangles,

the line of cutting in black and scissors,

and SMD5050 LEDs – NOW you know what device are at the picture



VIDEO 2.   How-to-cut, connect and power LED Strip Lighting

LED Strips-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 10  FULL Color RGB LED Tape In Action


You can see the next Part 3 …

LED, Strips and Controllers: Part-3



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