FLUKE TiX500 – Expert Series infrared Camera

 FLUKE TiX500 – Expert Series Infrared Camera

PIC. 1  FLUKE TiX500 60Hz infrared camera

TiX500 Expert Series Camera

   The a with 320×240 resolution measures up to 650 degrees C (1202 degrees F) and is designed for advanced thermographers who require premium image quality, the flexibility of usage of a rotating lens, LaserSharp Auto Focus, advanced manual focus and specialized analytics for thorough reporting.

  • 1.31 mRAD spatial resolution, and 764:1 D:S shows finer detail
  • IR-Fusion AutoBlend, Picture-in-Picture, and Color Alarm modes make it easier to find anomalies
  • Standard and radiometric video recording and streaming capture intermittent problems over time
  • 8 standards and 8 Ultra Contrast color palettes


TiX500-2-Hardware-ProPIC. 2

TiX500 Infrared Camera

Navigate tough angles easily with 180-degrees rotating lens and view images on a 5.7 inch LCD

   Easily navigate over and around tough targets with the 180 degrees rotating FlexCam lens and view your images on the industry’s largest 5.7″ touchscreen LCD. Instantly get an in-focus image with pinpoint accuracy with Fluke’s exclusive LaserSharp TM Auto Focus technology, driven by a built-in professional-grade laser distance meter.

   Turn your 320×240 images into 640×480 images with SuperResolution (in software) or get precision blending with IR-Fusion and easily see and document thermal problems.

  • Full 180-degrees rotating lens for easy navigation around tough targets
  • Temperature measurements up to 650 degrees C
  • Optional field installable smart lenses – 2x, 4x telephoto, wide angle, and 25-micron macro
  • Edit emissivity, background temp, transmissivity, palettes & color alarms all on camera
  • Fluke Connect enabled
  TiX500-5-Hardware-Pro TiX520-6-Hardware-Pro TiX500-1-Hardware-Pro






Temp Measurement Range -20 degrees C to +650 degrees C (-4 F to +1202 F) -20 degrees C to +850 degrees C (-4 F to +1562 F) -20 degrees C to +1200 degrees C (-4 F to +2192 F)
Thermal Sensitivity ≤ 0.045 degrees C at 30 degrees C target temp (45 mK) ≤ 0.05 degrees C at 30 degrees C target temp (50 mK) ≤ 0.045 degrees C at 30 degrees C target temp (45 mK)
Filter Mode (NETD Improvement)   ≤ 0.04 degrees C at 30 degrees C target temp (40 mK) ≤ 0.03 degrees C at 30 degrees C target temp (30 mK)
SuperResolution In software In software In software & on camera
Image sharpening    
Remote Control    
Digital Zoom 2x 2x, 4x 2x, 4x, 8x
LaserSharp Auto Focus
Streaming video Via HDMI or WiFi to SmartView Via HDMI or WiFi to SmartView Via HDMI or WiFi to SmartView
5.7 inch LCD Touchscreen

Work safer, smarter and faster with Fluke Connect enabled wireless test tools

Put more distance between you and hazards


PIC. 3  FLUKE  TiX560


   With the Fluke Connect Measurements app or Fluke Connect Assets software and enabled tools you can view multiple measurements of energized components from up to 20 feet away from the test point. Set up multiple modules and then step out of the hazard zone and remotely view all the measurements simultaneously on a smartphone. By keeping your distance from energized components you can increase your personal safety and efficiently.

Reduce maintenance time and increase uptime

   View different measurements—thermal, mechanical, electrical and vibration—from the same piece of equipment at the same time. Seeing the interactions among multiple measurement points can help you spot problems quicker. You can automatically record measurements and upload them to a PC for further analysis and reporting, and save to secure cloud storage. From there, authorized users can easily access baseline data in the field to quickly identify anomalies and resolve problems.

Collaborate with colleagues without leaving the plant floor

   Onsite techs can share measurements, graphs and even thermal images with team members located anywhere via a ShareLive video call. Everyone on the call can see the same live data and images on their smartphones. Managers can see all the information they need to issue a work order so technicians can move forward with repairs without leaving the field. That saves extra trips back and forth to the office and helps ensure problems are resolved faster with less downtime.


PIC. 4

Fluke Connect products

  • 3000 FC Digital Multimeter
  • a3001 FC Module – AC Current Clamp
  • a3001 FC Module – AC Current Clamp w/iFlex
  • a3002 FC FC Module AC/DC Current
  • v3000 FC Module AC Voltage
  • t3000 FC Module – Temperature
  • 805 FC Vibration Meter
  • TiX1000, TiX660 and TiX640 Infrared Cameras
  • TiX560 and TiX520 Infrared Cameras
  • Ti400, Ti300
  • Ti125, Ti110, Ti105 and Ti100 Infrared Cameras
  • Ti95 and Ti90 Infrared Cameras
  • ir3000 FC Wireless Connector
  • pc3000 FC PC Adapter
  • Wireless PC SD Card
  • Fluke Connect App – iOS
  • Fluke Connect App – Android




Fluke wireless test tools




Improve safety

   View live measurements of energized electrical panels or operating mechanical equipment from a safer distance. May help reduce PPE requirements.

Increase productivity

    Make short work of routine maintenance and troubleshooting. Log and monitor live measurements from multiple test points at the same time.

Enhance collaboration 

   Share live measurements and thermal images with team members at other locations to get troubleshooting help and quick work order approvals.


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