New Intelligent Hardware Design By Mini-Box. Part 1: OPEN-UPS


OpenUPS. Any input. Any output. Any Battery.




PIC. 1   NEW intelligent Device: OpenUPS PCB – Hardware Top View


PIC.2   NEW intelligent Device: OpenUPS PCB – Hardware Bottom View

Top Features:

  • Intelligent UPS, USB interface
  • SMBUS slave and I2C master
  • Buck-Boost Architecture
  • High-efficiency synchronous Buck-Boost Converter
  • Input Voltage Range: [ 6V – 30V ]
  • Programmable output Voltage Range [ 6V – 24V ]
  • Default output Voltage:   12V
  • Input / Output current 6A / 10A peak
  • Charge between [ 6V – 30V ], [ 3A ]
  • Voltage and Current limiters
  • Li-Ion, Li-Poly, LIFEPO4 **, Lead Acid Accumulator Battery Support
  • 1, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S
  • Balancing up to 6S
  • Coulomb Counting (Fuel Gauge Metering)
  • Motherboard ON/OFF pulse control 
  • OS detects device “Battery”
  • Manufacturer site:
  • ROHS compliant


** Click here for choose recommended LIFEPO4 batteries


PIC. 3   NEW intelligent Device: OpenUPS PCB



   The OPEN-UPS was designed to provide the user-specified regulated power output from a wide input voltage, battery backup, multi-chemistry charging and cell balancing in a single PCBA. The unit automatically switches the power path in between Battery and Main DC input and provides buck/boost output regulation.

OpenUPS has strong Windows / Linux support and API allowing developers to interface custom applications.

Open-UPS provides the following features:

Intelligent UPS, USB interface, SMBUS slave and I2C master. Communication can be done over USB and the device has also SMBUS reporting capability. Windows detects OpenUPS as Battery and automatically shows battery in the system tray.

Input 6-30V, Programable output 6-24V. Input can originate from an unregulated or regulated DC source, the output is programmable anywhere from 6-24V with a resolution of 0.25V or better. The output is tightly regulated via a high-efficiency synchronous buck/boost converter capable of delivering 6A (10A peak).
NOTE: The default setting shipped with openUPS is 12V.

Li-Ion, Li-Po, LIFEPO4, Lead Acid. A truly multi-chemistry battery charger and regulator solution. Should a certain battery chemistry not be supported by default, new battery profiles can be easily created. Charge current, float voltage and bulk charging parameters can be setup via USB interface into the OPEN-UPS nonvolatile flash memory.

Fuel Gauge. OpenUPS provides accurate fuel gauge capabilities by precisely measuring the input and output current flow. In the case of low battery situations, the system can send an ON/OFF pulse (or by reporting remaining battery capacity via USB) to a motherboard in an attempt to gracefully shut down the system.

OpenUPS cables included:


PIC. 4  Cables

Battery Cable

  • End_1: mini-FIT JR receptacle 1x2pos
  • End_2: Cut wire
  • Wire: Yellow / Black AWG 16
  • Yellow wire close to the mini-FIT JR latch


Cable 2 (Battery Balance Cable)

  • End_1 JST PH connector, 5pin
  • End_2 Cut wire


AWG 26 wire colors:

  • POS1=Yellow
  • POS2=Red
  • POS3=Blue
  • POS4=White
  • POS5=Violet


Cable 3

  • 2pin-2pin – 210mm

Cables 4,5

  • 2 x P4-12V to P4-12V Cable (200mm)



  • 3/10/2016 Extended availability for the next 5 years



Download the OpenUPS:

Linux Software

Windows Software



Prices diapason : 

1 – 9 $119.00
10 + $107.00

Availability: Usually ships in 24

* FREE US Shipping. Details

Manufacturer info:



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