Meet The Scopes That Are Ready For Any Design Challenge – Part 2


You Are Ready For Any Design Challenge – Meet The Scopes That Are Too


 New MDO4000C Series!



   The ultimate 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope, completely customizable and fully upgradeable


   Introducing the world’s highest performance, customizable, and fully upgradeable 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope with synchronized insights into analog, digital, and RF signals.

   Do more with powerful, upgradable Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes – MDO4000C Series




   Customizable and fully upgradable 6in1 integrated oscilloscope with synchronized insights into analog, digital, and RF signals Introducing the world’s highest performance 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope that includes a spectrum analyzer, arbitrary/ function generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer and DVM/frequency counter.

   The MDO4000C Series has the performance you need to solve the toughest embedded design challenges quickly and efficiently. When configured with an integrated spectrum analyzer, it is the only instrument that provides simultaneous and synchronized acquisition of analog, digital and spectrum, ideal for incorporating wireless communications (IoT) and EMI troubleshooting. The MDO4000C is completely customizable and fully-upgradable so you can add the instruments you need now – or later.   


Key performance specifications


  • 1. Oscilloscope
    • 4 analog channels
    • 1 GHz, 500 MHz, 350 MHz, and 200 MHz bandwidth models
    • Bandwidth is upgradeable (up to 1 GHz)
    • Up to 5 GS/s sample rate
    • 20 M record length on all channels
    • > 340,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate
    • Standard passive voltage probes with 3.9 pF capacitive loading and 1 GHz or 500 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 2. Spectrum Analyzer (Optional)
    • Frequency range of 9 kHz – 3 GHz or 9 KHz – 6 GHz
    • Ultra-wide capture bandwidth ≥1 GHz
    • Time-synchronized capture of spectrum analyzer with analog and digital acquisitions
    • Frequency vs. time, amplitude vs. time, and phase vs. time waveforms
  • 3. Arbitrary/Function Generator (Optional)
    • 13 predefined waveform types
    • 50 MHz waveform generation
    • 128 k arbitrary generator record length
    • 250 MS/s arbitrary generator sample rate
  • 4. Logic Analyzer (Optional)
    • 16 digital channels
    • 20 M record length on all channels
    • 60.6 ps timing resolution
  • 5. Protocol Analyzer (Optional)
    • Serial bus support for I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, USB 2.0, Ethernet, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MIL-STD-1553, and Audio standards
  • 6. Digital Voltmeter / Frequency Counter (Free with product registration)
    • 4-digit AC RMS, DC, and AC+DC RMS voltage measurements
    • 5-digit frequency measurements



 Typical applications

  • Embedded design
    • Discover and solve issues quickly by performing system level debug on mixed-signal embedded systems including today’s most common serial bus and wireless technologies.
  • Power design
    • Make reliable and repeatable voltage, current, and power measurements using automated power quality switching loss, harmonics, ripple, modulation, and safe operating area measurements with the widest selection of power probes in an affordable solution.
  • EMI
    • troubleshootingQuickly track down the source of EMI in an embedded system by determining which time domain signals may be causing unwanted EMI. See in real-time the effects time domain signals have on system EMI emissions.
  • Wireless troubleshooting
    • Whether using Bluetooth, 802.11 WiFi, ZigBee, or some other wireless technology, the MDO4000C enables viewing an entire system – analog, digital, and RF, time-synchronized to understand its true behavior. Capture an ultra-wide band in a single capture to view interactions among multiple wireless technologies, or to view an entire broadband frequency range from a modern standard like 802.11/ad.
  • Education 
    • Managing multiple instruments on a bench can be troublesome. The MDO4000C eliminates the need to manage multiple instruments by integrating six instrument types into a single instrument. The integration of a spectrum analyzer enables the teaching of advanced wireless technology course work while minimizing the investment required. Full upgradeability enables adding functionality over time as needs change or budgets allow.
  • Manufacturing Test and Troubleshooting
    • Size and space constraints can play havoc on a manufacturing floor. The unique 6-in-1 MDO4000C minimizes rack or bench space by integrating multiple instruments into one small package. Integration reduces cost associated with utilizing multiple different instrument types in manufacturing test or troubleshooting stations.









 Record Length Analog







generator out 

MDO4024C 200 MHz 2.5GS/s 20 Mpoints 4  16 (optional) Up to 6 GHz 1 (optional)  $6,900
 MDO4034C  350 MHz  2.5GS/s  20 Mpoints  4   16 (optional)  Up to 6 GHz  1 (optional)  $10,700
 MDO4054C  500 MHz  2.5GS/s  20 Mpoints  4   16 (optional)  Up to 6 GHz  1 (optional)  $14,100
 MDO4104C  1 GHz  2.5-5 GS/s  20 Mpoints  4   16 (optional)  Up to 6 GHz  1 (optional)   $17,400

For Full Article Info – See the PDF File from the link below.

MDO4000C Series Related Video: MDO4000C Technical Overview




P6616 MSO probe

   This unique probe design offers two eight-channel pods. Each channel ends with a probe tip featuring a recessed ground for simplified connection to the device under test. The coax on the first channel of each pod is colored blue making it easy to identify. The common ground uses an automotive-style connector making it easy to create custom grounds for connecting to the device under test. 

   When connecting to square pins, the P6616 has an adapter that attaches to the probe head extending the probe ground flush with the probe tip so you can attach to a header. The P6616 offers outstanding electrical characteristics, having only 3 pF of capacitive loading, a 100 kΩ input resistance, and is capable of acquiring toggle rates >500 MHz and pulses as short as 1 ns in duration.




MDO4000C-16ch probe-Hardware-pro

   The P6616 MSO probe offers two eight-channel pods to simplify connecting to your device.


   TekVPI® Probe Interface The TekVPI probe interface sets the standard for ease of use in probing. In addition to the secure, reliable connection that the interface provides, TekVPI probes feature status indicators and controls, as well as a probe menu button right on the comp box itself. This button brings up a probe menu on the oscilloscope display with all relevant settings and controls for the probe.
   The TekVPI interface enables direct attachment of current probes without requiring a separate power supply. TekVPI probes can be controlled remotely through USB, GPIB, or LAN, enabling more versatile solutions in ATE environments. The instrument provides up to 25 W of power to the front panel connectors from the internal power supply.
   TekVPI probe interface simplifies connecting your probes to the oscilloscope.

Source: Tektronix



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