Near Field Communication – Part 3

Near Field Communication – Part 3



• Industrial: NFC-enabled access, M2M communication

• Medical: Product identification, authorization consumables

• Smart-meter: Pre-payment, device configuration

• Automotive: Communication interface to smartphone

• Consumer electronics: Pairing via NFC, peripherals, toys

• Retail: POS contactless payment


RF430CL33xH – Dynamic NFC transponder interface


  Detailed Description

  The Texas Instruments Dynamic NFC Transponder Interface RF430CL330H is an NFC Tag Type 4 device which combines a wireless NFC interface and a wired SPI/I2 C interface to connect the device to a host. The integrated SPI/I2 C serial communication interface allows reading and writing of NDEF messages stored in the integrated SRAM. The NDEF message can be accessed wirelessly via the integrated ISO 14443B compliant RF interface supporting up to 848 kbps.

   This allows NFC connection handover for an alternative carrier like Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), RF4CE and WiFi® as easy, intuitive pairing process or authentication process with only a tap. No keys/parameters have to be typed in, simply touch the two devices together for a direct pairing. After the NFC pairing process has taken place, the alternative carrier takes over and the application proceeds.

   The RF430CL331H enables data streaming and transfer of large data files limited only by the memory capacity of the host controller. Read caching, prefetching and write automatic acknowledgment features allow for greater data throughput so that it can be used as a general NFC interface / service interface for configuration and FW updates and enables different end equipment to communicate with the fast-growing infrastructure of NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

RF430CL331H – Main Page,  datasheet in PDF format 


Functional Block Diagram

Dynamic NFC transponder RF430CL330H-Hardware-Pro


Key features

• NFC Tag Type 4

• ISO 14443B RF protocol

• Data rate supported up to 848kbps

• I 2 C and SPI interface

• Fixed-function ROM code

• 3-kByte SRAM for NDEF messages

• Interrupt register and output pin to indicate NDEF read/ write completion

• Automatic checking of NDEF structure

• RF wake up

Dynamic NFC transponder RF430CL330H-Part selector-Hardware-Pro


Key benefits

• Combines a wireless NFC interface and wired SPI/I2 C interface

• Dynamic update of data content supports update of pairing parameters

• With RF wake up – only current consumption when the device is active

• Very small firmware requirements for µC



Main Applications

• Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing using NFC

• Pairing process of alternative carrier using NFC (Wi-Fi, BT, BLE, RF4CE)

• NFC as service interface for diagnostic data and firmware updates


End equipment

• Printer

• Speakers, headsets

• Remote controls

• Routers

• Wireless keyboard, mouse

• Wireless switches, sensors


Development tools and software

RF430CL330HTB Target Board*             AMAZON  – Price $27.13     


• DLP-RF430BP#

• DLP-RF430CL331BP#

* Target board for TI embedded MCU platform with populated EM socket headers.

# BoosterPack for TI microcontroller LaunchPad Evaluation Kits.


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Source: TI



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