NEO-M8P u-Blox M8 High Precision GNSS Modules – Part 2 Application Board

  NEO-M8P u-blox M8 High Precision GNSS Modules – Part 2  

C94-M8P- B

Application Board





  • Based on u‑blox NEO‑M8P‑2 module
  • Application board for professional prototyping
  • Easy integration of RTK high accuracy solutions
  • Base and rover functionality
  • Integrated radio link


Application board package includes

  • 2 application boards (both with NEO‑M8P‑2)
  • 2 external UHF antennas
  • 2 external active GNSS antennas
  • 2 micro‑USB cables


Product Description

   The C94-M8P application board allows efficient integration and evaluation of NEO-M8P, u-blox’s M8 high precision positioning module. The NEO-M8P module series introduces the concept of a “Rover” and a “Base Station”, bringing RTK technology to u-blox’s product portfolio. By using a data stream from the base station, the rover can output its relative position with stunning cm-level accuracy in clear sky environments.

   The C94-M8P application board integrates NEO-M8P-2 module with both base station and rover functionality. The C94-M8P includes a UHF radio link, allowing for easy setup and fast prototyping. The board also provides connector pins for u-blox C027 and other application boards, enabling communication alternatives using u-blox cellular and short-range technologies.


Product variants

C94-M8P-1              China (433 MHz)
C94-M8P-2              USA and Canada (915 MHz)
C94-M8P-3              Europe (433 MHz)
Further information
  • Receiver:    NEO‑M8P‑2 GNSS module with support for both active and passive antennas
  • Radio link:  UHF operation in the license-free bands. See product variants.


User’s Guide

C94-M8P Application Board User’s Guide


Block Diagram

C94-M8P-B-2 Block Diagram-Hardware-Pro



Receiver                    NEO-M8P-2 GNSS module with support for both active and passive antennas

Radio link                  UHF operation in the license-free bands. See product variants.



RS232                       serial interface to radio module

USB                          micro USB port for GNSS data and power supply

UART                        pins for UART communication (e.g. C027), 3.3 V

Antennas                   SMA connector for GNSS and UHF antennas

Power supply             USB, 5 V

Battery                      (5.05 mm pitch 2-pin), 3.7 V – 20 V

LED                           RTK status and Timepulse

Protocols                    NMEA, UBX binary, RTCM



C94-M8P board schematic available on request


Supported external communication

C027-C20/U20/G35           Application board for cellular communication

To be added                     Application board for short-range communication


Product variants

  The product variants operate on license-free UHF bands for each specified region. Certification pending.

C94-M8P-1         China         (433 MHz)

C94-M8P-2         USA and Canada (915 MHz)

C94-M8P-3         Europe      (433 MHz)


Source: u-Blox


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