Sony FDR-X1000VR /W 4K Action Cam

Sony FDR-X1000VR /W 4K Action Camera
SONY FDR-X1000V/W Key Features:
  • Supports 4K, 1080p, 720p, and 480p Video
  • Ultra-Wide 170° FOV Lens
  • Wi-Fi for Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Housing Waterproof to 33′
  • 8.8MP Still/Burst + 2.2MP Interval Modes
  • 120 fps in 1080p and 240 fps in 720p
  • XAVC S and MP4 (H.264) Recording
  • Built-In Stereo Audio Recording
  • AE Compensation and Manual White Balance
  • Automatic In-Camera Editing

Sony FDR-X1000V_W 4K Action Cam-2-Hardware-Pro



   FDR-X1000V from Sony have 4K recording plus, 120 fps Full HD slow-motion capture. This likely, splash resistant camcorder is designed to go wherever you do – whether on a mountain expedition or just for a walk in the park. It features a water-resistant design and simple one-button operation. Featuring Wi-Fi, the camera can be operated remotely using a mobile device or with the separately available RMLVR2 Live-View Remote. The Video is recorded to a removable microSD card, with the option for professional XAVC S compression and web-friendly MP4.

   Apart from being splash proof, the camera includes a 33′-rated underwater housing, an adhesive mount, and one battery to get you started. Further extending its potential, there is a plethora of separately available mounts and accessories, enabling you to wear the camera or helmet mount it for POV action shots, attach it to a bike or vehicle, secure it in a static location, adhere it to a board or boat, or even see the world from the perspective of your pet.



Sony FDR-X1000V_W 4K Action Cam-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 2  SONY FDR-X1000K, V/W

  • Recording (3840 X 2160):
    •  Using the XAVC S codec, the FDR-X1000V can record UltraHD resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) at 30p with a bit rate of 100 Mb/s or 24p with a bit 0ate of 60 Mb/s. Besides 4K, it can record Full HD 1080p at 50 Mb/s in XAVC S and up to 28 Mb/s in the higher-compressed MP4 mode.
  • Professional XAVC S Codec:  
    • The higher bitrate compression of XAVC S means in this setting the camera records up to 100 Mb/s; in 4K and up to 50 Mb/s in 1080p – whereas the MP4 modes record a maximum of 28 Mb/s (at 60p and slow motion). A higher bitrate means less quality loss due to compression and more information to work with in post when color correcting or manipulating the image. Additionally, XAVC S supports professional timecode and UB (user bit). Timecode settings can be accessed through the mobile app or the separately available RM-LVR2 remote.
  • Improved Steady Shot Image Stabilization:
    • The FDR-X1000V features further refinements to the image stabilization compared to previous Action Cam models – in particular, anti-vibration optimization for use on remote control aircraft.
  • 170° FOV Ultra-Wide Lens:
    • An ultra-wide lens helps add an immersive POV feel to your movies while incorporating as much into the frame as possible.
  • Full HD Slow Motion Capability:
    • With the ability to record 120 fps in 1080p, the FDR-X1000V allows you to slow down the fast action so you can perceive detail otherwise inscrutable to the human eye. For extreme slow-downs, there is also a 240 fps mode shooting at 720p HD resolution. Both modes record in the less-compressed XAVC S codec. In addition, there is 720p at 120 fps and 480p at 240 fps recording in the higher compression, easier to share MP4 (H.264).
  • Direct Pixel Read-Out:   When shooting 4K, there is a direct 1:1 relationship between photosites (pixels on the sensor) and the pixels that make up the video frame. This reduces the jagged edge effect and false coloration that can occur when “pixel binning” – that is, combining blocks of four photosites together to create one video pixel as many 4K video cameras do
  • Loop Recording:   Loop recording records video continuously, preserving the last 5, 20, 60, or 120 minutes of footage – depending on the setting. As soon as something important happens, you can commit the duration of the loop permanently to memory and continue recording seamlessly. In addition to the user selectable 5, 20, 60, and 120-minute duration, there is an “Unlimited” mode that will fill up the remaining free space on the card. During loop recording, any previously recorded material never be overwritten.
    • Wi-Fi for Remote Monitoring and Operation:    With the PlayMemories Mobile (PMM) app, you can remotely control up to five Action Cams from a single mobile device. The app allows you to view a live feed from the camera, and the multi-view features. It means you can view up to five cameras at once, or just select one and view it in full screen.

Simultaneous  shutter release

Simultaneous recording start/stop

Individual monitoring and setting

Individual shutter release

Individual recording start/stop

Movie/still mode switching

Changing exposure settings

Start/stop time-lapse recording

Playback and delete recorded clips


  •   RMLVR2 Live-View Remote Compatibility: 
    • In addition to app-based control, Wi-Fi means you can use the watch-style RMLVR2 Live-View Remote (available separately) to remotely control the camera and monitor an image. The remote is water resistant so that you can take it places – like surfing – you wouldn’t want to take a smartphone
  •   Highlight Movie Maker:
    • So that you don’t have to spend time editing, the Highlight Movie Maker automatically picks out what it deems to be the best moments, returning a self-contained MP4 movie for easy sharing and upload. The Highlight Movie Maker algorithm uses data from the gyro, scene color, smile detection, and other settings to identify the best moments in all of the footage you have amassed. You can even upload music from your computer to the Action Cam to add a custom sound file. 
  •   Exmor R Sensor and Bionz X Image Processing:  
    • Proven Sony sensor and processor technologies give the FDR-X1000V the framework it needs to capture action footage at UltraHD 4K resolution
  •   Stereo Microphone: 
    •  Unlike many action cameras, which have mono microphones, the FDR-X1000V features a built-in stereo mic to help make audio as immersive as the picture. In addition, the FDR-X1000V introduces wind noise reduction – key for high-speed activities
  •   Manual Settings:  
    • Manual settings give the user greater control and make it easier to match other cameras in a multi-camera production environment. Manual settings on the FDR-X1000V include:
    • Auto Exposure Control: ±2.0, 1.7, 1.3, 1.0, 0.7, 0.3, 0.0
    • White Balance: Auto, Color-Temp (2500 to 9900K selectable), One Push
  •   Live Streaming to USTREAM: 
    •  Where an Internet connection is available, you can stream a live, web-quality stream directly to USTREAM for people all over to world to enjoy
  •   Burst Shooting:   
    • Take a sequence of stills in rapid succession to ensure you capture fast-action motion at just the right instant. You can choose to shoot 10 fps for 1 second, 5 fps for 2 seconds, or 2 fps for 5 seconds
  •    Motion Shot LE: 
    •  Capture traces of a moving subject in a single photo. As with burst shooting, you can choose to shoot 10 fps for 1 second, 5 fps for 2 seconds, or 2 fps for 5 seconds
  •   GPS Overlay:  
    • Geotag images so that you can view location data as an onscreen overlay during in-camera playback
  •   Action Cam Movie Creator: 
    •  Edit your movies in-camera, with the ability to rotate shots, merge clips, and fast- and slow-motion effects
  • Additional Features:
    • Time and Date Stamp – in XAVC S settings only.




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