Particle Electron Cellular Development Kit for Building Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Particle Electron


Cellular development kit for building Internet of Things (IoT) devices

The Electron from (former is a tiny development kit for creating cellular‑connected electronics projects and products. It comes with a SIM card and an affordable data plan for low‑bandwidth applications

Imagine a cellular‑connected Arduino, but with a more powerful processor and a SIM card. It also comes with Spark’s development tools and cloud platform for managing and interacting with your new connected hardware.

Three variants with SARA‑G350, SARA‑U260 or SARA‑U270 are available.





• GSM/GPRS functionality scalable to customer needs

• Seamless drop-in migration from SARA-U UMTS/HSPA modules

• Smallest footprint; lowest standby current: < 0.90 mA

• Extended temperature range: –40 to +85°C

• Simple integration of u-blox GNSS and A-GNSS

• CellLocate®: location based on cellular network

• Manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified production sites




SARA-G3 series:

16.0 x 26.0 x 2.4* mm

Product description

The SARA-G3 series of GSM/GPRS modules feature extremely low power consumption and a miniature LGA form factor. SARA-G3 modules are interchangeable, and have been designed with the diverse needs of M2M customers in mind. Different functionalities and feature sets are available to meet different customer and application requirements. SARA-G340/G350 are full-feature GSM/GPRS modules with a comprehensive feature set, including an extensive set of internet protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP and SMTP). They have fully integrated access to u-blox GNSS positioning chips and modules, along with embedded A-GNSS (AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline) functionality. SARA-G350 is the quad-band version for global connectivity and SARA-G340 (900/1800 MHz) is the dual-band version for cost optimized use in Europe and Asia. Their rich feature set enables customers to easily develop a wide range of M2M devices with minimum software development on the host processor.

SARA-G300/G310 modules target high volume, cost sensitive applications, and provide “bit pipe” GSM/GPRS functionalities while minimizing the customer’s total cost of ownership. Functionalities requiring dedicated and expensive hardware components are eliminated where they are not needed or can be implemented in the host processor. The SARA-G350 ATEX is an ATEX / IECEx certified variant that further complements the product family by offering the ideal solution for the development of smart devices deployed in potentially explosive environments. u-blox cellular modules are certified and approved by the main regulatory bodies and operators. RIL software for Android and Embedded Windows are available free of charge. SARA-G3 modules are manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified sites. Each module is tested and inspected during production. The modules are qualified according to ISO 16750 – Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment for road vehicles.

Product Selector


GSM                        GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 1
                                 GSM 900 /1800 MHz 2
                                 3GPP Release 99
GPRS                      GPRS Class 10, CS1-CS4 – up to 85.6 kb/s
                                 PBCCH support
CSD                         GSM max 9.6 kb/s
AT Commands      3GPP 27.005, 3GPP 27.007
                                 u-blox AT command extension
                                 3GPP 27.010 MUX protocol
SMS                        MT/MO Text/PDU mode
Firmware upgrade     Via UART
SARA-G340/G350 only:
       Voice                            HR / FR / EFR / AMR
                                             Echo cancellation
                                             Noise reduction
      Protocols                      Embedded TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP/FTP,
                                             SSL and TLS 1.2 support
      Network                       Jamming detection
      GNSS Interfaces         Direct access to u-blox GNSS via module
                                             AssistNow software for faster acquisition                                                    CellLocate® & Hybrid Positioning
      Special features          In-band modem
                                             Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP)
                                             IPv6 support over PPP
                                             eCall and ERA-GLONASS support
Electrical data
Power supply                    3.00 to 4.50 V (extended)
Power consumption        Power Off: < 40 μA
                                             Idle mode 4 : < 0.9 mA
                                             Idle mode 5 : < 5.0 mA
                                             Connected: < 250 mA
4 SARA-G300 and SARA-G310: requires external 32 kHz signal
5 SARA-G300 and SARA-G310: without external 32 kHz signal
Common to all modules:
Antenna                          50 Ω SMT pad
Serial Port                      1 UART for data and AT commands
                                         1 UART for AT commands, tracing, and
                                         FW update
SIM 1.8V and 3V
    SARA-G340/G350 only:
      GPIO                        4, controllable over AT commands
      GNSS serial              1 DDC (I2C)
      Audio                         1 analog 1 digital (I2S/PCM)
      96 pin LGA: 16.0 x 26.0 x 2.4* mm, < 3 g
Environmental data, quality & reliability
      Operating temperature  -40 to +85°C (extended range)
      RoHS compliant (lead-free)
      Qualification according to ISO 16750
      Manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified production sites
      ATEX / IECEx certification (SARA-G350 ATEX)



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