ELIN-W160 Multiradio Linux system-on-module with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

ELIN-W160 Multiradio Linux system-on-module with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth




600 Mhz Cortex A8, 256 MB DDR3 RAM, 512 MB NAND flash

Dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4 & 5 GHz (U-NII band 1, 2, 2e, 3)

• Dual-mode Bluetooth v4.0

• Dual Ethernet RMII

• Yocto-based Linux distribution

• Enables advanced Internet of things (IoT) applications

• High RF power output for long range


Product description:

ELIN-W160 is a powerful and compact System-on-Module with multi-radio wireless capabilities, Linux OS, dual Ethernet RMII and a range of other interfaces.

The wireless support includes Bluetooth v4.0 with Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy, plus Wi-Fi with dual-band support for 2.4 GHz and the full 5 GHz band.

In the powerful 600 MHz TI Sitara ARM Cortex A8 CPU, custom applications can easily be integrated on top of the Yocto based Linux distribution. This allows for high-performing and cost-effective solutions, such as gateways with advanced protocol conversion and cloud access for Internet of Things applications leveraging the wide base of packages available in Yocto.

The module combines powerful hardware and multiple wireless interfaces, which isolates the complex RF design and certifications from the rest of your product. The module is designed for a long life cycle, has an extended operating temperature range, and is suitable for industrial, vehicle, medical, security, and other demanding applications.

ELIN-W160 has a U.FL antenna connector for a wide selection of certified antennas. No trimming or tuning is required during manufacturing of customer end-devices, since the module has pre-calibrated radio parameters and MAC addresses stored in on-board EEPROM.

The module provides modular radio type approvals for Europe, US and Canada (R&TTE, FCC, IC), EMC certification, and Bluetooth qualification, which simplifies and shortens the integration work.



ELIN - W1-1-Hardware-Pro



CPU                          600 MHz TI Sitara ARM Cortex A8
RAM                         256 MB DDR3
Flash memory        512 MB NAND
Wi-Fi                        IEEE 802.11 a, b, g,
                                  single-stream n (65 Mbps), d, e, h, i, k, r, s                                     2.4 GHz channels: 1-13
                                  5 GHz channels:    36-165
                                  (U-NII Band 1, 2,  2e, 3)
Bluetooth                v2.1 + EDR (Classic Bluetooth)                                                          v4.0 (Bluetooth low energy)
                                  Bluetooth EDR 2 Mbps and 3 Mbps rates
Wireless range       500 m (maximum)
Output power         19 dBm 
Software features:
Operating system    Yocto based Linux distribution Linux kernel 3.17
Root file system      UBIFS
RF parameters        Available in on-board EEPROM
MAC addresses       Available in on-board EEPROM
Bluetooth stack       Bluez 4/5 Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy
Wi-Fi security         WEP64/128
                                   WPA-EAP-TLS, WPA-PSK
                                   WPA2-EAP-TLS, WPA2-PSK
                                   TKIP and AES hardware accelerator
Wi-Fi op. modes     Infrastructure (BSS)
                                   Software AP (DFS channels excluded) Hardware crypto accelerators
                                   AES, SHA, MD5, RNG
Internal support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth co-existence
Dimensions            44x50x9.6 mm (including connectors)
Weight                     14 g
Mounting                Dual high speed board-to-board stacking
                                   connectors 3 holes for mechanical fastening
Environmental data, quality & reliability:
Operating temperature –40 °C to +85 °C (extended range)
RoHS compliant (lead-free)
Certifications and approvals:
Type approvals       Europe (ETSI R&TTE)
                                       US (FCC/CFR 47 part 15 unlicensed
modular transmitter approval)
                                       Canada (IC RSS)
                                       Japan (MIC – formerly TELEC)
R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC
                                       EN 300 328, EN 301 893
                                       EMC: EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-17,
                                       EN 61000-6-2
Safety Compliance: IEC 60950-1,
                                       EN 60950-1
Medical Electrical Equipment
                                       IEC 60601-1-2
Bluetooth                  Qualification v4.0
Electrical data:
Power supply                       3.6 – 5.5 VDC
Power consumption        Idle: 151 mA @ 5.0V
Wireless transmit:            312 mA @ 5.0V
RTC only:                              195 µA @ 5.0V
Support products:
EVK-W16                              Evaluation kit for ELIN-W160 and
Product variants:
ELIN-W160 module with U.FL connector for external antenna
Source: u-blox



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