CTI Astro Carrier Board for NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Embedded Super-Computer

CTI Astro Carrier Board for NVIDIA Jetson TX1

Jetson TX1 Carrier Board Hardware-Pro

   Developers looking to bring deep learning to drones, robots, and other embedded computing applications can now get a head start.

Jetson 2-Hardware-Pro

   Connect Tech Inc. (CTI), an Ontario,    Canada-based embedded-computing group, has launched the Astro Carrier for Jetson TX1. It’s the first commercially available, deployment-ready carrier board for our supercomputing module.

   Deploying Jetson TX1 into a final product requires developers to design and manufacture custom carrier boards. But not everyone has the expertise or resources to do so. That changes with the Astro Carrier for Jetson TX1, which CTI was introduced these days at Embedded World, in Nuremberg, Germany.

   Measuring only 57 x 87 mm — about the size of a playing card — Astro Carrier operates in temperatures ranging from -40º to +85ºC. This lets it pack Jetson TX1’s super-computing punch across a wide range of environmental conditions.

Jetson 2-Hardware-Pro

CTI Astro Carrier for Jetson TX1

   Astro Carrier connects with off-the-shelf or custom breakout boards and offers a full array of features, including:

  • 2 Gigabit ports (1 from Jetson TX1 and another from an onboard controller)
  • 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 port
  • 1 HDMI port
  • Up to 3 camera serial interface channels
  • Mini PCIe expansion support

   CTI also announced a lower cost carrier board, aptly named Elroy. It offers a lighter feature set while retaining the durability the company is known for. Elroy is slated to be available in April.

Designed for Developers

   When Nvidia launched Jetson TX1 in November, they also released a complete suite of developer documentation that lets third-parties create their own carrier boards for it. The CTI Astro Carrier marks the first entry into the Jetson TX1 ecosystem, making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs, researchers and technologists to deploy our module.

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Let just pointing  Nvidia Jetson TX1 board

Nvidia Jetson TX1 Hardware-Pro

   NVIDIA Jetson TX1 the world’s most advanced system for embedded visual computing, delivering the highest performance, the latest technology, and the best development platform.


   The world’s first supercomputer on a module, Jetson TX1 is capable of delivering the performance and power efficiency needed for the latest visual computing applications. It’s built around the revolutionary NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture with 256 CUDA cores delivering over 1 TeraFLOPs of performance. 64-bit CPUs, 4K video encode and decode capabilities, and a camera interface capable of 1400 Mpix/s make this the best system for embedded deep learning, computer vision, graphics, and GPU computing.

   Maxwell is NVIDIA’s next-generation architecture for CUDA compute applications. Maxwell introduces an all-new design for the Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) that dramatically improves energy efficiency. Improvements to control logic partitioning, workload balancing, clock-gating granularity, compiler-based scheduling, number of instructions issued per clock cycle and many other enhancements allow the Maxwell SM (also called SMM) to far exceed Kepler SMX efficiency.Maxwell retains and extends the same CUDA programming model as in previous NVIDIA architectures such as Fermi and Kepler, and applications that follow the best practices for those architectures should typically see speedups on the Maxwell architecture without any code changes.

The Jetson Embedded Platform


 NVIDIA Jetson with GPU-accelerated parallel processing is the world’s leading embedded visual computing platform. It features high-performance, low-energy computing for deep learning and computer vision making the Jetson platform ideal for compute-intensive embedded projects like drones, autonomous robotic systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), mobile medical imaging, and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). OEMs, independent developers, makers and hobbyists can use the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 to explore the future of embedded computing.

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