SARA-U201 – New Ultra Compact Global 3G/2G Cellular Module for Tracking

uBlox - 0209_SARA-U201

PIC. 1   SARA-U201 – New Ultra Compact Global 3G/2G Cellular Module

16 mm x 26 mm x 3 mm

SARA-U201 – New Ultra Compact Global 3G/2G Cellular Module for Tracking

   This Module uses the latest 3G-chipset for IoT applications. u-Blox’s SARA-U201 -3G/2G cellular module, measures only 16mm x 26mm x 3 mm. It claiming to be the smallest cellular module which supports both 2G and 3G connectivity. Package: 96-pin LGA. The Device provides 5-band UMTS, quad-band GSM features, and has global radio regulatory approvals. Also, the voice and data capable cellular module suited for industrial and automotive, telematics and consumer applications with 2G or 3G network.

  The module is pin-to-pin and form factor compatible with SARA-G350 ( only 2G).

  It includes UART and USB data communication interfaces.

SARA-U201 can be seamlessly combined with any u-Blox GNSS modules and chips, thanks to its pre-integrated AssistNow client. Software stack and protocol support includes :

  • Dual stack IPv4 / IPv6,
  • Embedded TCP/IP,
  • Ethernet over USB, 
  • BIP/eSIM support,
  • Low idle current mode,
  • Extended operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.

SARA-U201 3G/2G cellular module is manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified sites and meet ISO 16750 specification. Only available in UMTS/HSPA version.

Datasheet SARA-U201



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