RN4020 Bluetooth 4.1, Terminal Tips To Firmware Update

  Microchip RN4020 Bluetooth 4.1 Module, Terminal Tips To Firmware Update


PIC. 1 RN4020: Low-Energy Bluetooth V4.1 Module By Microchip 

       The RN4020 is a fully-certified, Bluetooth Version 4.1 low energy module for designers who want to easily add low power wireless capability to their products.  The small form factor, surface mount module has the complete Bluetooth stack onboard and is controlled via simple ASCII commands over the UART interface. 

    The RN4020 includes all Bluetooth SIG profiles, as well as MLDP (Microchip Low-energy Data Profile) for custom data.  Developers can utilize the scripting feature to enable standalone operation without a host MCU or Processor.  The RN4020 can be remotely controlled by another module over a secure connection and can be updated via the UART interface or over-the-air.

    The RN4020 has a built-in high-performance PCB antenna optimally tuned for long range, typically over 100 meters.  The compact size, 11.5 x 19.5 x 2.5mm, enables ease of integration in size-constrained applications.  The RN4020 can be used with any low-cost microcontroller for intelligent Bluetooth Low Energy applications.  The RN4020 has the complete Bluetooth stack onboard the module and is controlled via a simple ASCII UART interface, making it a true drop-in solution that is easy to use, and easy to prototype, greatly speeding time to market.

RN4020. Method for Update to the last actual Firmware Version

Configure pins:



Make                                    Response

PowerON:                             CMD

set UART Baud-Rate =         115200

SET FLOW Control =             None

write on KBD to Module       Response

WP                                        AOK
SF,2                                      AOK
R,1                                        Reboot ,CMD

V 1.10. ……..
SR,02000000                        AOK
R,1                                        Reboot,CMD

GR 02000000

~,1                                       DFU

SET FLOW Control   =          HW Handshake

SEND FILE 1.2x.DFU           /as a bin file format.

SET FLOW Control  =          None

R,1                                      Reboot,CMD

                                             V 1.2x …..


There I represent you the latest RN4020 BT LE 4.1 firm update v.1.23

Link to update utility, up to v.1.23


DIAGRAM 1.  RN4020 – Helpful diagram for quick power modes configuration

Bluetooth’s Smart Discover
   Microchip’s Smart Discover for iPhone or iPad provides the ability to scan and connect to nearby Microchip Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripherals, listen to BLE broadcasters and more.

Bluetooth’s Smart Data
   Microchip’s Smart Data provides the ability to scan, connect and exchange data between an iPhone or iPad and the RN4020 with Microchip’s Low Energy Data Profile (MLDP).


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