1. HOW-TO Charge Li-Fe-PO4 Batteries


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TUTORIAL – How to charge LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries


2. HOW-TO Solder Components Using Iron and Through-Hole Technology 


2.1. Soldering Tutorial Part 1 – Tools

TUTORIAL – Learning the Basics of Soldering

PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5Sb21…


2.2. Soldering Tutorial Part 2

TUTORIAL – Learning the Basics of Soldering 

PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYz5nI…


3. HOW-TO Solder SMD COMPONENTS – Using Surface Mount Technology 


   The Human demonstrating technique made instructions for Soldering and Desoldering SMDs featuring up-close shots of fine-pitch soldering.
Recommended Products:  chip quick removal kit, lead-free.

3.1. Professional SMT Soldering:



  HAKKO FM-203 Soldering Station

  HAKKO – Soldering Tip Bevel : Model T15-CF3

-Tip Selection

-Multi-Lead Techniques

-Photo Gallery

  PCB prep: Prep Pads with Isopropyl alcohol to remove contaminants

  After that tin your tip or it will oxidize.

  Wipe your tinned tip.

  Track solder to four corners of the IC.

  See HAKKO TIP T15-CF3, multi-lead sweep technique.


 Professional techniques for multi-lead hand soldering to IPC class 3 criteria.


   Multi-lead hand soldering techniques lead-free SAC 305. Surface mount flat packs. IPC Class 3.


Part 3: of the hand soldering tutorial. …You Can learn How to drag solder and track & reflow SMD Components.



4. How-To select Right Multimeter

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Top 10 Best Multimeters of 2016: Part 1



5. HOW-To Use The Oscilloscope. Basics for Dummies 

Video: How to Use an Oscilloscope/ What is an Oscilloscope



6. How-To Select Right Oscilloscope Probe

Several Tips For Successful Oscilloscope Probe Selection And Usage


HOW To Pair the Smart Control Remote TM1680A – Samsung TVs 2016 ( UN**KS* ) ?


7. How-To Find GOLD Using a blow tube

Video:  How-To Find GOLD Using a blow tube



8. How-To Install a 1-TB PCIe SSD in your MacBook Pro Retina

VIDEO: How-To Install a 1-TB PCIe SSD in your MacBook Pro Retina







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