Physics Science Lab – Basic Circuits, Ohm’s Law

  Physics Science Lab – Basic Circuits, Ohm’s Law

  Today’s theme has for the main goal to attract the significant part of more curious junior and young people with interests in electronics.

  We will introduce to you a few Basic Learning Educational KITs, related to Physics and electricity.

  Their projects are thematically divided into different Sections: like A Magnetism, An Electricity, OHM’s Laws and Equations, Huge amount of examples and projects, with applied working schematics.


Learning Kits – Content

1.) LERBOR STEM – Physics Science Lab Basic Circuit Learning Kit

2.) Thames and Kosmos Electricity: Master Lab

3.) Thames & Kosmos Electricity and Magnetism

4.) Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G. Electronics Discovery Kit


 The Electricity and Modern World

  We see the electrically powered devices everywhere in our lives – at home, in a factory, in a shop, On the street, in school. The Nowadays modern world will be inconceivable without electricity.

  Our Kids need to be met with the Electricity and physically related processes, related to this very important “factor” in our “modern lifestyle” – The ELECTRICITY!


  Now, Let’s list compactly the Learning KITs main benefits:


1.) LERBOR STEM: Great Physics Basics Learning KIT:

  • Ages 12 years and up,
  • Enhance with practice lessons the theory what you learned from school physics class,
  • 50 Items, 
  • 40 Pages Color User’s Manual,

PIC 1.  LERBOR STEM – Sample Projects


2.) Thames and Kosmos – Electricity: Master Lab:

  • Find out the electrochemistry process: build your own fruit battery,
  • Ages 10 and up,
  • 88 pieces,
  • 119 experiments,
  • 128 pages Color User’s manual,

PIC. 2  Thames and Kosmos – Electricity: Master Lab


3.) Thames & Kosmos: Electricity and Magnetism:

  • Great Magnetism Experiments with Magnetic Fields, Alternate and Direct Electric Current, 
  • AC Generator, Transformer, Coils, Multimeter, Relay, Fan, Compas, etc.
  • Ages 8 and up,
  • 64 pages color User’s Manual,

PIC. 3  Thames & Kosmos: Electricity and Magnetism



4.) Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G. Electronics Discovery Kit:

  • No Soldering needs, no any additional tools – just use a Snap,
  • Sure Conductive connections only via Snap,
  • 160 interesting projects using durable Snap Modules,
  • Ages 8 and up, 
  • Pages Color User’s Manual,

PIC. 4  Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G. Electronics Discovery Kit

The Next Learning KIT is selected For Advanced Users Auditory: 

Snapino – Snap Circuits & Arduino Compatible:

  • Let You Make “coding” a snap,
  • An impressive introduction to Coding using the famous Arduino microcontroller platform.
  • Learn coding basics and Easily connect to every other Snap compatible Circuit KIT,
  • Ages 12 and up,


For Balance the Raspberry Pi Freaks Learning KIT:

PIC. 5  OHM’s LAW Equations Circle


Remember This Great Technician University Proverb:

Who Doesn’t Know The OHM’s Law, Let Him Stay At Home!