R2-D2, BB-9E, BB-8: Smart Droids By Sphero

  R2-D2, BB-9E, BB-8 Smart Droids By Sphero 

  As we all realize, the machines are doing a non-pleasant part of a job, which needs to be doing on a hectic day.

  The Washing Machines, Dish-Washing Machine, Dryers, Cookers – Grills, Microwave Ovens, Bread Baking Machines, Automatic Vacuum Cleaners-Robots, etc.


VIDEO 1. Most Amazing Soldering skills

   Immediately, after the Robot’s “charging” video, we will point your attention to the creative improving & entertaining Robots – Toy.

  We often are trying to focus your attention on a typical Microcontroller’s usage examples, Sometimes the system is using DIY manner, or building type: Do It Yourself.

  Today we will present you smart and pretty, no One, but Three Self moving, programmable Robots By SpHero

  True heroes from million people’s favorite nine-logy STAR WARS Movies.

  All Robots are using unique movement systems.

  This is a practical example of using the MCU to control the driving system and use the Analog or digital data by different built-in sensors.

 SpHero BB-8 Droid

VIDEO 2.  Top Gear Style Review of Sphero BB-8

Sphero BB-8 – Key Features:

  • Impressive Movement System, 
  • Application Programmable Robot, 
  • Dimensions:
    • 23.2cm x 12.6cm x 13.6cm,
  • Weight:
    • 821 g.

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   SpHero BB-9E Droid 

VIDEO 3. Star Wars Sphero BB-9E Review

Sphero BB-9E – Key Features:

  • Impressive Movement System, 
  • Application Programmable Robot, 
  • Dimensions:
    • 7.3cm x 12.5cm x 9cm,
  • Weight:
    • 222 g.

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SpHero R2-D2 Droid 

VIDEO 4.  Sphero R2-D2 hands-on

VIDEO 5. SpHero R2-D2 : Detailed Review

 PIC. 1  R2 -D2: Children’s Favorite Robot-Droid By SpHero  

Sphere R2-D2 Droid – Key Features: 

  • Integrated Speaker,
  • Movement, Staying and “Emotions Related” LED Lights are authentic for this Movie Hero.
  • Holographic Simulation, 
  • Rotating Heаd – Dome, 
  • Control Application, 
  • Suitable Age: 8 – 18 Years,
  • Dimensions:
    • 13.5cm x 10.8cm x 17cm,
  • Weight:
    • 372 g.


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