UHZ65: Line of The Art UHD Laser Projector By Optoma

 UHZ65: Line of The Art UHD Laser Projector By Optoma

 Optoma just announced the light source improvements into their line of the art UHD Projector: UHZ65.

 Meet their newly improved Laser Projector.

 See top of the art all-new UHZ65 4K UHD Laser & Phosphor Light Source Projector By OPTOMA

 UHZ65 4K UHD Laser Projector – KEY Features:

  • No Lamps to change, 
  • 3000 Lumen of Brightness, 
  • HDR10 Support,
  • 3840 x 2160 Pixel, 2160p UHD DLP Laser Source Projector,
  • Advanced Pixel-Shifting Technology, 
  • Up-Downward +/-15 Degree of image Shifting, 
  • Keystone correction,
  • Manual focus,
  • Huge 1.6x Optical Zoom, 

See Datasheet in English

Learning Video for Principal of Laser Phosphor Source DLP Projector.

VIDEO 1.  Laser phosphor Light Source in action

  System Uses a modified pixel-shifting technology in the layers order of DLP Matrix Structure. Close to this manner are used in a few manufacturers-Competitors:  

  • Epson’s pixel-shifting in 4K 3LCD, and 
  • JVC’s D-ILA e-Shift systems.

  The Optoma uses TI 4K DLP chips with 2716×1528 hinged micromirrors “on a board”. 

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