iKHD62: Metallic 7 to 12-inch Tablet Stand By iKross

  iKross iKHD62 2-in-1 Metallic 7 to 12-inch Tablet Stand By iKross 

  Wall / CounterTop Mount Stand For 7 to 12 Inch Tablet By iKross

  Hardware, Hardware, Hardware … all around us is covered with 2, 4, 8 core hardware devices. Even when we relax, the hardware is an inseparable part of our life.

  On the table, in hands of our children, in our hands – a lot of and exhausting carrying , sometimes the device’s weight is almost half of kilogram.

  Today’s Topic is related with plentiful moments of pleasure when the “cook chief” creates the lovely and tasty dishes.

  We are talking about, how to support stable  the existing hardware.

  When our relatives are cooking their new dish into the kitchen they need more than stable and secure fixing of the tablet or a large smart phone with the recipe on the screen.

  We present you fashionable and comfortable for use, tall Tablet Stand, now on the best possible price:

  iKross 2-in-1 Metallic Tablet Stand for 7 to 12 inch Tablets


PIC. 1 iKHD62 Solid Metallic 2-in-1 Tablet Stand 

 iKHD62 iKross 2-in-1 Tablet Stand Key Features:

  • Heavy duty brushed aluminum alloy body,
  • Tablet Holder can be adjusted 6 to 8.5 inches wide,
  • Compatible with all 7 to 12-inch tablets,  
  • 360 Degree adjustable holder for best tilt and Position,
  • Release button for easy tablet insertion & removal.

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PIC. 2  iKHD62 Solid Metallic – made by an aluminum alloy 2-in-1 Tablet Stand – Tilt & Pan Adjustment




PIC. 3 iKHD62 2-in-1 Tablet Stand By iKross




PIC. 4  iKHD62 All parts into Package

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