Hardware Laboratory – Part 2: Power Supply

   Many of young hobbyists collect and equipping their own Hardware laboratories with all possible kind of technical tools and gadgets. Soldering-Station-1-Hardware-Pro

 This is not a single time activity and will cost some time. If you have a plan, the time loosed by searching will be minimized and the money will be precisely fitted into each budget.

  Let continue collecting our-yours virtual Hardware laboratory – to become a real.

  In the previous Part was pointed some ideas for Basic equipment [stage 1 – 3], and now, we will continue collecting.

  1.  Soldering Iron, reheating and reflowing station and Preheating station.
  2.  The Vacuum-Pump, Desoldering Wick, 2.5mm for resoldering activity. 
  3.  Some options for carrying clean the soldering tip.


4.  Adjustable Power Supply Source.

You have two main options:

I: To buy an expensive Programmable Power Supply, 

II: To get the cheap, full-functional, Adjustable Power Supply Board – DP50V5A. 

    First Option is o.k. without any problems – You buy the device and what – that is. 

  But, the second option will unlock your imagination. You need to search the suitable enclosure and DC-Fixed power source – 50 Volt/with few amps and will create your own styling power supply – by your hands.

  These are the differences …

   You probably have seen the Video 1. 

 VIDEO 1.  Mini Adjustable DC- PS/Meter – First look DP50V5A


 Attention! The DP50V5A gadget has a DC input – 6 to 55V,

NOT AC line 110 or 220 V !

AVEN 17010 PCBHOLDER -2- Hardware-Pro

   PIC. 2  Attention! The DP50V5A gadget has a DC input – 6 to 55V,

NOT AC line 110 or 220 V !


  For these, whose wish to buy completed PS device – 

   see Benchtop’s  full gamma products : Benchtop Power Supplies    

 AVEN 17010 PCBHOLDER -3- Hardware-Pro

 VIDEO 2.  SPD3303S High – Precision [1mV , 1 mA]  Linear DC Power Supply 

 VIDEO 3.  How to Use the timer function on a Siglent SPD3303S


AMAZON Siglent SPD3303S Price:$529.00


   Almost everybody can Buy completed Product or hardware device, but the pleasure and feeling to create by your two hands some hardware “creature”, is unique.

  Now is time to collect a measuring equipment.

  Let start with the well known ” Multimeter “. It must be capable of measuring:  Resistance, Voltage , Current , Capacitance, etc.

  More expensive “multimeters” can measure a Duty-cycle [%1-100], Frequency, Inductance, and luminance.    

  The internet gives a million suggestions for buying the right multimeter. Not to be wasteful in time, you can see our right – ten multimeters list.


Top 10 Best Multimeters of 2016: Part 1

Top 10 Best Multimeters of 2016: Part 1

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Top 10 Best Multimeters of 2016: Part 2

To Be Continued !  

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